Vitalik Buterin Says His Influence Over Ethereum Decreases As Network Nears The Merge

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, has said on many occasions that his influence over the network has been diminishing over the last two years, as many other engineers have taken on different roles.

Ethereum newsIt is especially true as Ethereum (ETH) moves closer to the Merge. Buterin expressed a desire for Ethereum to develop into an environment "where my influence may decline solely because so many fantastic voices start to flourish and express themselves" in an interview with economics blogger Noah Smith.

In 2015, I was very busy both with various research issues related to the project and also with writing code. I was responsible for around 80%. By the year 2020, I was responsible for just about a third of the study and hardly little coding at all.

The 'high-level thinking, though, was still largely my domain. Over the last two years, "even the high-level thinking is something that has been slowly and certainly sliding away from me," he was reported as saying.

He thinks that recent ETH researchers like Polynya are steadily assuming more responsibility for leading the charge in developing innovative approaches to scaling Ethereum. Buterin claims that former employees employed for research roles, such as Justin and Dankrad, are now establishing themselves as thought leaders in cryptocurrency.

The developer didn't detail what he was working on at the moment. Still, he did talk about his recent inspirations and areas of interest. The fields of biotechnology and artificial intelligence (AI) have made remarkable steps away from cryptography, maybe even too impressive.

In the 21st century, "we're beginning to comprehend what both the politics and the technology is going to look like, and how each of the components of what we're working on is going to fit into the picture," he was quoted as adding.

Buterin's Proof of Stake, a collection of his writings over the last decade, will be released as a physical and digital book on September 27, entering the competition for this year's crypto-related blockbuster.

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