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The World Dream, Epay Go. was established in March year 2014. The Epay is consisting with decades of overseas payment experience and rich resources right from home and abroad. And at the very moment that Epay founded, it continues to spread a world class services all around and across the world, and it is the main reason why it becomes the world-leading service provider right in the internet financial and the third-party payment system with its highly developed and nurtured philosophy and the Hong Kong company of the Epay are mainly affianced right in the remittance and currency exchange.

Epay’s desire upon providing the entire world with the finest payment services and enhancing their user’s life as well as optimizing their business opportunities are upheld each and every single day. And they devoted themselves into building a great platform for every single Epay person to grasp their dreams and values at the exact and the very same time.

And with Epay’s aspiration to deliver their missions in every single transaction they are able to accomplish they are truly committed to providing the superlative payment system all around and across the world. And they are also steadfast to provide the safest and the most convenient and at the same time the best payment services and solutions for the global enterprises, personal, the internet financial and also e-commerce businesses. And a promise that they are fully capable of providing customized payment services and solutions to global shopping, trading and also peer-to-peer or P2P lending business.

As we all may have known, Epay has its core advantages, as the very first company upon obtaining the payment license to be able to provide global payment services and solutions right in China. And the fact that the Epay is dedicated to introducing the sophisticated, secure and high-efficient e-payment technologies and solutions to the banks and the small and the middle size enterprises in the entire global market and also endow with the comprehensive financial services which pertains with the online payment, global collection, the Epay lucky money, currency exchange, the recharge and the withdrawal to the global users. And lastly, Epay provides an instant and irreversible user’s personal information is concealed and righteously protected.

Here is the Epay’s Business Introduction in the category of the Industry Applications:

•Customized Payment Solutions for e-Commerce,

•Foreign Trade,


•Direct Marketing industry,

•Digital Games,

•Smartphones and

•Peer-To-Peer Industries;

Here is the Epay’s Business Introduction in the category of the Personal Applications:

•Foreign Currency Exchange,


•Financial Management,

•Opening Business,

•Balance Management,

•Epay Wallet,

•Epay Bank Cards.

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