AdvCash Review 2018

What is AdvCash?

Advcash — a universal payment service for entering, withdrawing or exchanging electronic money and cash. The highest quality online banking.


This automated service allows you to enter, withdraw or exchange money in many various electronic currencies and cash (paper) using your own payment card. This payment service is a completely independent system and completely protects you from the attention of your state. AdvCash payment card(unfortunately, AdvCash MasterCard at the moment is temporarily unavailable) is serviced in 200 countries of the world. The commissions for servicing payment transactions are acceptable.

In addition, there are organized

- An internal interest-free transfer of funds between the users of the system;

- Money transfer to any Visa or MasterCard payment card;

- Money withdrawal and exchange for a large number of electronic currencies etc.!

Money deposit options

- Wire-transfers (billing, affiliate programs, etc.);

- Electronic money, online payment systems (Payeer, ePay, Bitcoin, eCoin, OKPay, Perfect Money, QIWI, Webmoney);

- Internet banking (Альфа-Банк, Cбербанк, Промсвязбанк, СвязнойБанк, Приват24);

- Payment cards Visa and MasterCard;

- And more...

Money withdrawal options

- Withdrawal from Advanced Cash MasterCard;

- Electronic money, online payment systems;

- Convenient output to any card (Visa or MasterCard) all over the world;

- Transfer to your bank account;

- Transfer by e-mail;

- And more...


Advanced Cash allows to do fast and simple exchanges with many different currencies.

For example, you can quickly exchange EUR to Bitcoin or WebMoney to OKPay, which is very convenient when you need to make fast currency exchange.

Advanced Cash for professional traders

- Electronic wallet with support of 4 currencies;

- Free transfers within the system;

- Quick and convenient withdrawal of funds around the world;

- Virtual and Plastic cards;

- Cashing checks and wire transfers.

Advanced Cash for business (affiliate program, provider, exchange, etc.)

- Convenient and multifunctional API;

- Fast integration with PHP, Ruby, Python, Java;

- Convenient entry: electronic currencies, bank payments and much more;

- Tools for organizing mass payments;

- Payments within the system (on cards, on accounts, etc.).

Advanced Cash for everyone

- Transfer to the people who do not have an account in the system;

- Payment for various services directly from your wallet;

- Referral program;

- Prompt and effective support;

- Continual addition of new features;

- Security and banking level encryption (PCI DSS Level 3);

- Reliability, legality and full legal transparency.

In the very near future

- Convenient iOS and Android applications

About the company (info from the project site)

Always ahead. Having worked in the field of finance and electronic payments for more than two decades, Advanced Cash has created a simple and universal system of Internet payments that can solve any of your tasks.

Faster than the usual money transfers, more profitable than a regular bank account, it is more convenient than other online currencies. Advanced Cash is a simple and advantageous account replenishment and withdrawal of funds exactly where you live. By using Advanced Cash, you will carry out global calculations for local rates. Register and you will see for yourself.

Buy, sell or exchange AdvCash on

How to exchange Advanced Cash - youtube tutorial

XMLGold online e-currency exchanger gives you an opportunity to convert AdvCash in many different e-currencies and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, ePay, Sepa transfer, Bank transfer, Tether, Litecoin, Exmo code, Wex code, eCoin code and others. XMLGold will guarantee fast and secure transactions, together with acceptable exchange commissions.

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