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Perfect Money is an online platform that allows you to make instant, non-cash payments and money transfers on the Internet.It was launched in 2007.

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Then this article can be useful for you. In this article you will find information in detail about the features of working with Perfect Money payment system. This article also will give you detailed reviews about the functional options of the system.

Right now you will learn about PM offered:

  • - Commissions,

  • - Available accounts,

  • - Replenishment and withdrawal of money,

  • - Advantages and disadvantages.

More details about the PM wallet:

This is one of the most popular methods of making deposits and withdrawing funds from the HYIP projects. The official representation and website of the company are registered in Panama. The project was originally created as a payment instrument for instant and safe settlements in the business environment and between individuals. Since 15 June 2013, after the closure of Liberty Reserve by the United States authorities, the payment system PM does not allow the American clients/citizens/organizations to be part of the electronic wallet. In 2015, the owners changed the domain name from the popular “com” to “”.

Functionality and services of the Perfect Money Wallet:

  • - High-level protection,

  • - Detailed statement and report,

  • - Android and iPhone OS applications,

  • - Payment for the goods and services via the Internet,

  • - Purchase of precious metals and currencies on the Internet,

  • - Providing fast transfers between the users,

  • - Instant financing of any account using a voucher,

  • - Receiving payments through online commerce projects, including HYIP.


Registration on the official site is free of charge, fast and easy. After this procedure, you receive three accounts in different currencies: US dollars (USD), euros (EUR) and Gold.


The commission is paid by the sender. 1.99% commission will be taken from unverified customer and 0.5% fee will be taken from the verified account. 0.5% of the amount, in fact, is the lowest price on the market. If you want to earn more money from HYIPs (losing less on commissions when entering a deposit), PM is the right choice.

Deposit and withdrawal of money

Payment system Perfect Money provides many options for replenishment and withdrawal of funds. In this case, all transactions are made instantly and, usually, without delays.


Bank transfer, online currency exchange platforms, POS-terminals, debit cards, SMS-deposit, prepaid card / voucher.


Bank transfer, certified exchange partners, prepaid card / prepaid voucher, Payeer, Advanced Cash (AdvCash), Bitcoin, Okpay and other internet / electronic money, Visa/MasterCard and certified exchange partners (where you can exchange, buy and sell currency with minimum fees).


There are 3 main functions to provide data protection. This is done to prevent the hacking and theft of personal data and money. Management of all security settings is carried out from the cabinet.

User identification:

  • - An email with PIN confirmation is sent.

  • - Authorization via SMS (The service helps to enter the site using the mobile phone number. Perfect Money sends a confirmation code, preventing illegal entry and hacking).

  • - Code card (The card provides a graphical code image. To confirm the transaction, you are asked to enter the code from the card).


  • - The interface of the payment system at the entrance to the personal cabinet is simple.

  • - The official site is not overloaded with unnecessary details.

  • - The platform provides the availability of 22 languages (from English to Urdu).

  • - One of the main competitive advantages of Perfect Money is low tariffs.

  • - Low commission. The fee for internal transfer is only 0.5% (for a verified account).

  • - Instant transaction;

  • - High-level protection;

  • - Availability of a referral program;

  • - Accrual of interest on the balance of funds (4% per annum);

  • - Absence of limits for financial transactions;

  • - Wide choice of deposit options and withdrawal methods.


  • - The main disadvantage is the irreversibility of operations. If you make an erroneous dispatch or in case of a break-in, a refund will not be possible.

  • - Strict prohibition for US citizens to use the wallet.

Additional Information

  • - It is allowed to create up to 6 additional wallets in the account.

  • - Opening a sub-account with a different login and password is not prohibited. Only electronic money is allowed to transfer and accept.You can refill from the main account, no commission is requested.

  • - It is possible to create your own electronic voucher in cash equivalent. After activation you will be able to deal with financial transactions.The E-voucher data can be transmitted in any convenient way.

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XMLGold online e-currency / cryptocurrency exchanger allows you to convert Perfect Money in different digital currencies like AdvCash, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, Wire Transfer, Sepa Transfer, USD coin, True USD, Cash and others. XMLGold will provide fast and secure transactions, together with a low exchange fee.

How to convert Perfect Money - youtube tutorial

We hope that the theme of functionality and work of Perfect Money is disclosed in detail. And you will be able to decide whether it is profitable for you or not. Just do not forget to follow the safety of money.

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