We have added Perfect Money e-voucher for exchange!

On XMLGold now you can exchange e-currency and cryptocurrency for Perfect Money Voucher, which is possible to activate without any time limitations.

Perfect Money Voucher

What is Perfect Money e-Vouchers and how does it work?

It is an electronic bank check, established as an instrument for making a deposit and withdrawing title units of the Perfect Money payment system. The PM Voucher consists of a unique digital number (16 numbers), an activation code (10 numbers), the amount, as well as the transaction date.

How can a Perfect Money e-Voucher be created?

In order to create a Perfect Money e-voucher do the following steps:

1) Log into the Perfect Money payment system.

2) Enter the section "Withdraw" in your personal account of the system. A sub-section labelled E-voucher appears.

3) On the page "E-Voucher depository", select "Purchase new e-Voucher".

In order to acquire a voucher:

1) Choose payment account. This option only arises if you have opened more than one account in the transaction currency.

2) Select the amount.

3) Select "Review purchase".

4) When you have got acquainted with the information on the operation, choose "Purchase e-Voucher".

5) When the creation of the voucher is finished, you will receive a text message including an activation code. Store this code in some place which is not available to third parties, in case you do not want to make use of it straight away.

Buy Perfect Money Voucher at XMLGold (online currency exchanger)

How to buy Perfect Money - youtube tutorial

On XMLGold it is possible for you to exchange your PM voucher for any accessible e-currency or cryptocurrency, like AdvCash, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, ePay, Wex code, Exmo code, Cash, eCoin code, C-Cex code, Tether, Bank Transfer, Sepa Transfer, XMLToken etc.

How can you activate PM e-Voucher?

Activation can be performed only by the owner of the PM voucher. In order to activate your E-Voucher carry out the following activities:

1) Log into the system, and choose "Perfect Money E-Voucher" in the section "Deposit". A window/frame with the following entries will be displayed:

- Number of the Perfect Money voucher.

- Code of the Perfect Money voucher activation.

2) Enter your PM Voucher number / activation code as indicated in the picture (an additional "Turing number" window/frame is available) and select "Activate an e-voucher".

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