The blockchain company Digital Asset has entered into a partnership with the Google Cloud

The blockchain company Digital Asset, managed by Blythe Masters, the former senior executive at JPMorgan Chase, has entered into a partnership with Google Cloud.

Digital asset google cloud

Within the framework of the partnership, Digital Asset will offer tools and services to blockchain application developers who interact with the Google Cloud infrastructure platform.

Collaboration with the Google Cloud Platform will substantially simplify the life for blockchain-based solution makers.

“We are collaborating with Google Cloud to provide the developers with the set of integrated solutions which will allow them to fully discover the potential of blockchain innovation. This in turn will reduce the technical barriers by developing the solutions based on a shared registry,” Blythe Masters informed.

Leonard Law,the Head of Google Cloud Financial Services, also expressed his optimism about the deal:

“The Blockchain technology has a tremendous potential, providing benefits not only to the consumers of financial services. It also contributes to the development of many other areas. We are pleased to offer new tools for the Google Cloud Developers. "

The company Digital Asset was founded in 2014 and now it employs over 130 employees. The company's offices are located in New York, London, Zurich, Budapest, Sydney and Hong Kong, while among Digital Asset customers there are giants like DTCC and ASX. Since 2016, the company is the leading participant in the blockchain consortium Hyperledger managed by Linux Foundation.

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