SEPA transfer time, regulations and countries

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Sepa transfer time

What is Sepa payments?

The Sepa or “Single euro Payments Area” is the area (SEPA countries) in which citizens, companies can make payments in EUR inside and outside state frontiers, under equal, constant rules and with the same rights and obligations.

SEPA countries list

The “Single euro Payments Area” includes 34 States: the 28-member States of EU (European Union), plus Iceland, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Norway, San Marino and Andora.


The SEPA or “Single Euro Payments Area” was created by initiative of the Banking Sector and promoted by the ECB & European Central Bank (official website: ) and the European Commission. It was the step towards EU countries better integration after the introduction of the euro. The aim was to make money transfers more simplified and equal for citizens from EU countries.

At the same time, while it is a single currency system, there are many other countries included within the system in which the EUR currency is not used, but in which you can still have Euro Bank account, which makes it a considerable portion of the European market.

Sepa regulation & benefits

Better cross-border bank transfers within the euro area. Transactions will be faster, costs - lower. Payment should be completed within the validity period of the guarantee, and banks will not be allowed to make any kind of deductions of the amount transferred. Customers will also receive simple and clear information on any charges, fees, so it means that there will be no hidden fees, unwanted surprises from the local bank.


- Restricted access, availability.


The “Single euro Payments Area” transactions and activities involve more than 500 million citizens and over 20 million businesses. Lower money transfer fees, fast transactions, equal and clear rules give boost for European region business. At the same time, Sepa serves as the fiscal and as political instrument.

Sepa payments - How to use the SEPA Transfer?

Sepa bank

At (online e-currency exchanger), you can buy, sell or convert Sepa Transfer EUR in many other digital currencies, cryptocurrencies, for example, Bitcoin, Perfect Money Voucher, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Advanced Cash (AdvCash), Perfect Money, ePay, Wire Transfer EUR or USD, Payeer, eCoin code, Exmo (Ex-code), C-CEX code, Wex code, Tether coin (USDT) etc.

How does it work?

Simply select on the left side/window what currency you want to sell and on the right side what currency you want to purchase/buy and fill the necessary information. It is fast and simple. Note: If the particular reserves are over. You can always choose the option „Extend Reserve” (Buy/Sell More”). Simply click on the bottom – „Extend Reserve” and order the currency and the amount you need.

Sepa transfer time

By using online currency exchange platform in average the SEPA transfer will long from 1h to 24h. For example, the ordinary Bank Transfer can long from 2 to 5 days and even with larger commissions.

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