Investigators in the United States will take courses on the disclosure of cryptocurrency crimes

The American company BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG), which operates in the field of data analysis, risk assessment relating to the virtual assets, and conducting the search for cryptocurrencies, has developed specialized courses for the representatives of law enforcement agencies.

The program is scheduled for 8 hours of training. It goes online for investigators investigating cryptocurrency cases. To obtain a certificate, you have to study the 5 modules of the course, and then pass the exam. The program was developed with the participation of the former agent of the security investigation who is also an expert in combating money laundering and illegal financial fraud.

And if initially the training courses were intended only for law enforcement officers and government regulators, now they can also be attended by the representatives of the commercial and private sectors. Among them there are financial analysts, private detectives, corporate experts and others. In the opinion of the authors of the program, students do not have to be a professional in programming and cybercrime in order to successfully investigate the cases involving digital money.

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