What is Exmo voucher or Ex-code and how does it work?

EXMO is a cryptocurrency exchange/trading platform with a more than four-year experience at the digital currency market, trading area. Until now, this company has proved itself as a trustful partner and digital currency exchanger. More than 560 000 customers from all over the world use this platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies. Official website: https://exmo.com/en/

Ex-Code Review

Exmo Code, called also as Ex-code, is an internal currency of EXMO cryptocurrency trading platform.


The Benefits of EX-Code:

  • - EXMO Codes can be generated in any currency;

  • - Deposit and Withdrawal Commission 0%;

  • - Instant money input and output of any amount of currency.

In other words, EX-Code is a very convenient and low cost method for fast money transfer. A lot of digital currency exchangers already work with it. Number of the customers which uses this option for cryptocurrency deposit, withdrawal and trading constantly is growing.

How to buy Ex-Code?

If you want to exchange Exmo Code safely, choose XMLGold (Online Currency Converter). The XMLGold will offer fast and secure transactions together with acceptable exchange fees. The XMLGold supported e-currencies / cryptocurrencies list: Advanced Cash (Advcash), Perfect Money, ePay, Tether, Bitcoin, Perfect Money Voucher, Litecoin, Payeer, Wex-code, C-CEX Code, Bitcoin ABC (BAB), XMLToken, Cash, eCoin-code, Sepa Transfer EUR, Wire Transfer EUR / USD etc.

How does it work?

Select currency you want to convert on the left side/window and currency you want to buy, get on the right side/window. Enter the amount you need, your e-mail address, and then press “continue”. It will be fast and easy.

Note: If you want to buy/sell more, but the particular reserves are finished, you can always use the option – „Extend Reserve”!

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