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The Research Shows That Digital Payments Industry in India Will Grow Up To $500 Billion by 2020

Based to a recent Google and Boston Consulting Group in which was also the BCG research and studies that India’s digital payments industry will grow up to the summation of $500 billion by the year 2020. The key trends in which were stated in the research presents a viable opportunity for the Bitcoin adoption to grow right in the world’s second-most populous country.

The non-cash were striking by the year 2023! The research also includes the forecast of a ten times summation right in the growth in the merchant acceptance network by the year 2020, and even the payment-driven consumption and not the other way around, and the non-cash payment transaction was striking over the cash payments by the year 2023. The India’s payment landscape has reflected similarly with the four top global shifts that illustrate the country’s large prospective for the exponential growth right in the coming for years. The shifts are the ongoing digital and the technology revolution in which has led into the amplified penetration of the smartphones and also the internet on the mobile; the entry of the numerous non-banking institutions that tenders the payment solutions; the customers on becoming more demanding and also expectant at the same time for the an immediate one-touch payment solutions; and lastly the developing changes right in the regulatory framework. And as an outcome, the authors of the research utters that they expect the digital payments space to be able to witness the disruption of a soon based right on particular key trends.

Kumar Gaurav in which was the Head of Cashaa, which is a peer-to-peer marketplace that undoubtedly connects the cash sender together with the cryptocurrency trades in which was making the Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency much more known in India and is the most needed by the industry right at this moment. As he utters that, “At this point, any single initiative to make the Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency known in India is going great so far and that is good news for the Cashaa or for any other marketplace too who runs on the cryptocurrency. And the Bitcoin exchanges are the most vital member of our economy and they do help to be able to achieve and also maintain the liquidity right in the market.”

Kumar Gaurav’s statement comes along right in the wake of the Coinsecure’s launch of its real-time mobile trading application for the Android. The Coinsecure in which was an Indian Bitcoin exchange that introduces the app that is superlatively right for the active traders on-the-go to aim the India’s ever developing and yet also expanding the mobile user base. And he adds up that, “I see it as an addition to a brick right to the Indian Bitcoin ecosystem towards building a large market in which we all are hoping for in India. And I am very much happy with the OKcoin and the Coinsecure initiative in which was helping to move slowly in the positive direction especially with Cashaa that absolutely holds a potential for having a massive quantity due to the P2P nature and need a much more and way bigger ecosystem in which is India does not have, and we all need to build it.”

Coming from its desktop web platform, the Indian exchange foresees the move to a mobile app for the multiple devices like the very next step in bringing the Bitcoin to India and meeting the Indians’ demands. This the very first real-time and an Android trading app that allocates for the BTC to INR and also INR to the BTC in India. The Coinsecure CEO Mohit Kalra perceives the new-fangled trading app as an opportunity to put a disruptive technology similarly to the Bitcoin in the hands of over and around the summation of the 190 million smartphone users right in the entire country. The Coinsecure’s efforts will surely complement the Indian Bitcoin wallet service provider the ZebPay’s in which is laid down to secure for over a $5 million funding round by the October 2016 coming right from a well-known US-based venture capital firms. Startups like the ZebPay have been tapping into the dominant remittance market based right in the limitations of the traditional banking services and increasing right in the numbers of the workers and the millennials looking for cheaper alternatives for the remittances and the payment settlement services. The ZebPay had finally reached a summation of over 100,000 active user milestones within ten months with an active user growth at 20,000 users per month.

The 2016 TRUSTTECH: Tesla Motors, Google, PayPal and Santander Bank

Various of the finest keynote speakers and also international thought leaders in fast developing world of payments and identification that truly participated in the world’s largest event that is dedicated to the Trust-Based Technologies in which was the TRUSTTECH in which was held from 29th of November until the 1st of December this year of 2016 at the Palais des Festivals de Cannes, French Riviera.

As according with the Director of the TRUSTTECH, Claire de Longeaux that the three days of the unrivalled networking potentials that fully witness the summation of 40 innovative startups that pitched onto the main stage; for over and around 250 international speakers; the number of 400 exhibitors and sponsors; plus the exceeding number of 1800 and more company CEOs and the overall summation of 18,000 attendees as well as the critical through leadership with numbers of delegates representing with no less than of the 130 countries in all and all. The industry experts in which that layout their speech forum on regarding the side of the current and trending topic such as the Blockchain, FinTech, data management, the e-ID and also the e-Governments.

The front of the world class and renowned speakers; and among the payment, the identification and also the security industry's’ players that indeed shared their point of view all across the 3-day event are the Co-Founder and the CTO of the Tesla Motors, JB Straubel who has spearheaded an alternative business figure that has stalwartly challenged the traditional automotive business figure in which has disrupted the technical end of the power. JB Straubel also lead the practical side of the production and also the structure of the distribution right in the automotive industry and also to earn Tesla Motors the title of the Forbes’ world’s most innovative company.

The Lead Engineer for the Android Security of Google, Adrian Ludwig who is credible right for the security of the Android platform and the Google’s applications and services for the Android in which further explained their latest plans and advances right in the ever-changing world of security. And also the Founder and CEO of the Poynt, Osama Bedier, in which their Smart Terminal fully accepts all types of the payments right from the magstripe and EMV cards up to NFC, Bluetooth, and the QR codes and also the other apps to suit merchants’ necessity

The other speakers are General Manager of PayPal France, Damien Perillat and also the Head of Innovation for Santander Bank, Peter Jackson who is entirely accountable right for the group’s digital bank, in which are the OpenBank and the InnoVentures and also the summation of $100 of the VC FinTech fund.

Also, on the other hand are the specialist in the particular areas of risk, decision making, innovation and also leadership, Casper Berry who has worked with several of the preeminent international companies all over and around the world, in which probably includes Visa, Google, IBM, Barclays, Citigroup, Axa, Nestle, Esso, KPMG, Orange and ASDA Walmart; a Professor in the MIT Media Lab and a serial entrepreneur, Kevin Slavin who discussed the subject matter of the way in which the algorithms that are gradually more manifesting our lives and also the opportunities and the risks this give rise to and the implication for the payments dimension.

Claire de Longeaux utters and fully explained that “The 2016 TRUSTECH edition overall concerns was for renewal. And for the past thirty years, this event has been the outstanding international meeting point for the trust-base technologies right for the payments, identification and also connections. And for its thirty-first year of existence, this event’s focal point was the innovation at the core of the industry.” She also added that the copious formats had been added into the entire program to be able to diversify its jam-packed content and also increase the interest such as the roundtable discussions, interviews, panel sessions, breakfast briefings and also a variety of quick-fire Q&As. It also featured fun moments such as the “TRUSTTECH on the beach” which is held at the Majestic Hotel and also the TRUSTTECH@Cannes Film Festival together with the diffusion of the Imitation Game.

And upon leaving the TRUSTECH attendees they will surely felt that they possibly have a better grapple of the industry and also the latest trends and Claire de Longeaux also add up that with fresh ideas and joint ventures for their companies, businesses, new friends and also contacts in the Payment / Identification Ecosystem and also a concrete foundation of vision of all products / innovations that was presented in year 2016. And she fully stated that “The 3-day event in which allocates our attendees and exhibitors to spot; develop and also reinforce their businesses; better yet improve their very own networks. And furthermore, they completely learned, benchmarked and discovered the latest innovations and trends right in their respective branches. And lastly, they absolutely do enjoy the three days of busy networking in a convivial environment and also to listen to numerous inspiring keynotes.”

The Forthcoming Financial End for Europe as the Central Banks Overlook Red Lights!

Theresa May presaged in her conference dialogue regarding the very low-interest rates that keeps on fueling the inequity. And to talk about at the fact that Donald Trump truly wreaths against the chair of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen. And also the Germans are fidgety on the subject of the lax monetary policy of the ECB. Then a question remains in the statement of, what has gone wrong?

And this particular issue right from the British foreign secretary and a former great leader of the Conservative Party William Hague has posed in his latest masterpiece with the title of, “Central Bankers Have Collectively Lost the Plot.” As William Hague refers back in the year of 2008 at the moment that the central banks retorted right in the financial challenges that they had completely had fallen to anticipate by means of cutting the rates into the records of lows and also embarking right onto the quantitative easing in which will pump trillions of dollars right into their economies by taking the path of purchasing the assets of the commercial banks.

The current situation that varies with the falling state of the economy; nevertheless that he points out that the nuisance right now is that with the eight years coming to the banks are the two varying degrees was still doing it. And he totally used the analogy of the doctors in keeping their patients right on a drip several years after an operation to fully elucidate his case, and telling that; they are losing their credibility and also with the outcome of very dodgy side effects. He also mentioned that ten serious drawbacks could positively become and either the politically explosive or even economically imprudent. And they even included the central banks starting to purchase the corporate bonds, not just even the government bonds, just to be able to keep their system inflated; and also the banks probably seems it much difficult to run a viable business in contributing to the banking crisis that is now vividly extensive in some particular areas such as Italy and in Germany.

That the fact that Italy’s banks were at worse feet at these past few months. And tackling the issues and cases in Italy, a question has come up of late and regarding the possibility of Italy will be following the footsteps made by the United Kingdom upon leaving the European Union. And this is one of the main reasons that Italy’s central bank has been building up tons and tons of liabilities right in the Euro system in which at the very end of last September had stood at over and around the summation of 354 billion Euros in which has badge a record that was up from the quite digits of 118 billion from a year earlier and also up by 78 billion since the very end of May, just even before the United Kingdom has settled and voted to leave the European Union. As according to the records of the Bloomberg, this is an outcome of the people’s being worried regarding the situation and real score of the country’s banks in which are currently suffering the consequences of ghastly lending, a poor governance and also a new Euro-area that has been oversight that absolutely makes a salvage much harder than ever it was. And one of the another feature that could be political at this very moment, as the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has staked his providence on this December government-reform referendum that if it indeed goes against him, could strengthen the opponents who probably desires to force a vote on whether Italy should stay in their common currency.

The World’s Best Performing Digital Currency of All Time!

The Bitcoin monetary inflation rate may perhaps fall a bit right from 30~50% in the year of 2011 into 4% within this year of 2016, signifying the swift mainstream adoption of the cryptocurrency in the various markets all around and across the world. Systematically and mathematically, the monetary inflation rate of the Bitcoin is alleged to plummet at a fixed rate right over time to time as the number of the Bitcoins in the distributions keeps on rising at a fixed rate until it certainly reaches its top and maximum capacity of 21 million Bitcoins.

The financial experts characterized the Bitcoin as a deflationary currency because it has unique characteristics and cryptography system in which it has strict controls on the reasonable quantity of the cryptocurrency in the market. And since at the birth of the Bitcoin in the early year of the 2009 the mainstream financial media outlets and experts have heavily criticized the Bitcoin’s constancy in which stating that a highly fluctuating instability rate of a currency could undoubtedly unenthusiastically affect its users in a broad spectrum range of aspects, In specifically the merchants and also the workers who are receiving the Bitcoins as a part of their payroll could be affected by the fluctuating market worth of the Bitcoin.

A renowned American author and journalist for The Atlantic, Matthew O’Brien characterized the Bitcoin as a “tech shock” in which is claiming that its instability rate does not signify a legitimate currency. As Matthew O’Brien state on his writings that, “The Bitcoin has an immense deflationary bias and its money supply is mostly fixed; but the carte du jour of the things it can purchase is expanding. The same amount of money chasing more of the goods in which means that the money will be valued more. Or just put another way, the prices will even fall in Bitcoin terms. And that is the reason it is not a currency and will not be one until it has a central bank.”

Then three years later, the highly impulsive market value of the Bitcoin has become even steadier that the established reserve currencies similarly to the British Pound. While several of the Bitcoin enthusiasts displayed their positivity towards the falling instability rate of the Bitcoin, and the uncertainty plays a massive role right in the progress of currency or any single asset of value, in contrary to what various would have ever imagined. The instability rate of the Bitcoin is directly attributable to the triumph and the performance of the cryptocurrency. And in the year of 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015, the Bitcoin has incessantly marked a record of a high performance and becoming the world’s best performing digital currency for a few repeated years.

And in the year of 2010, it badges a record of 314% ascend in its market worth. And in the year of 2013, it has attained an all-high rate of 5992% and proudly introducing into a broad spectrum range of the mainstream users and investors at the same time. The affirmative price ascends in the price of the Bitcoin is yet and still considered as an instability rate. In which means that even though the price of the Bitcoin was highly volatile in the year of 2013 as its price was greater than before by the percentage of 5992 the high instability rate of the Bitcoin had turned out to be more beneficial for the Bitcoin businesses, users and also investors at the exact and same time. Without the doubt, having some stability in the price of the Bitcoin is necessary for the Bitcoin to operate as one of the world’s major currencies. On the other hand, taking the instability rate as a significant feature of the growth of the Bitcoin is just a valuable.

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