Important: Security System News!

Lately, various types of cyber attacks on financial companies, stock exchanges, internet payment systems are becoming more active all over the world. Therefore, we ask you to make use of all our security system tools - Google 2FA, Pin Codes, IP Filtration, Additional Security Email code.

If your attitude to account security is frivolous (accounts are made on easy-to-guess passwords and no additional security tools are used - Google 2FA, IP Login History, Pin Codes, IP Filtration, Additional Security Email code), we will not be able to guarantee the security of your funds. Therefore, please create more complex passwords and combine them with other additional security tools (the more the better). It is all only for your own safety. So please do not be careless and take serious steps to ensure the security of your accounts.

Note: If the accounts are poorly protected and no additional protection tools are used, we like many other stock exchanges do not guarantee the return of the money in case of the worst scenario. Therefore, please provide your accounts with additional security tools in addition to your password. Ensure the safety of your funds!

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