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      1. To create an account click on the "Register" button in the upper right corner of the main page. Enter your E-mail, create your Username and Password. Register, wait for activation email, after you received email activate your account by clicking on the link in email. Welcome to Xmlgold.

    2. Login
      1. To enter the website click on the «Sign in» button in the upper right corner of the main page. Enter Your account name and Password, then click on «Log in».

    3. Forgot password?
      1. Go to our Login in page  and select password recovery or use direct link here,follow instruction and receive your new password.

  1. How to Order?

You can order XMLGold Prepaid Visa Card on our website.

To order the card You need to:

3. Complete the Identity Verification Process

4. After Verification is completed the card will be shipped to your address.

    1. 2. Order the card: https://xmlgold.eu/en/creditcard/index

    2. Login into Your account

  1. 1. Verification process

  1. How to place order

To make bank transfer:

1) You have to register. If you are already a member, you need to sign in using your login.

2)To send us a bank wire transfer you need to go through the verification here - https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/account/index#documents. Only verified customers may send us bank wire transfers.

3) On the main page in the section «Sell" choose Bank Transfer and fill in all required fields. In the right section "Buy"  choose the currency You would like to buy.

4) Enter security code and click on «Continue»  button.

  1. Verification process

To send us a bank wire transfer you need to go through the verification here  

Only verified customers may send us bank wire transfers.

We check documents within 24 hours from  Monday to Friday.

This is the way PayPal works, they always charge customers for an incoming payments, each PayPal account has an individual fee for receiving funds and it depends on your country and it depends on your account volume, the more payments you receive the smaller is your fee.When we send the PayPal funds to our customers, then we send the full amount which was requested in a specific customer order, for example if you have placed an order from Webmoney to PayPal and our commission is 3% for such exchange and you sent us 103 Webmoney USD and we send you 100 USD PayPal payment.

First of all we send a bank wire as SHARED, it means we pay only our bank fees and when your bank receives the wire they charge their fee as well, it is only for the USD wires. All EUR bank wire payments arrive exactly as we are sending them. Also is some cases when the money goes to some exotic country, then it goes through 2 different correspondent banks and they may charge their fee as well.

All amounts bigger than 39999.99 USD, EUR or GBP are automatically being transferred as an express/urgent bank wire, if the regular SHARED bank wire fee is 20 USD, 15 EUR or 12 GBP, then an express wire will cost you 40 USD, 40 EUR or 40 GBP. Also your bank and an intermediary bank is going to charge their fee for receiveing the wire, it depends on an intermediary bank and  your bank. The good thing is that the money will reach your bank very fast, it normally does within 24 hours, is some geological location will take a bit longer due to a time difference.

This is the part we do not like mostly, as all USD wires are being sent and received through the intermediary banks in US New York and sometimes they hold the money for no reason for weeks. We cant do a thing in this case, only thing we can do is to recall the funds and refund the initial payment to our customer. We have no issue with EUR bank wires, they are fast and are delivered on time as well as the sending cost is much cheaper, therefore we suggest our customer to use EUR bank transfers instead of USD, it is a non sence to send a USD wire to us if you live in an European county and vice versa...

Definitely EUR if you live in the European country and even if you live outside and your national currency is not EUR, it is preferrable to send EURos instead USD. The main reason why is that the USD wires are costy and slow, they go through the intermediary US Banks in New York, they charge their fees as well and cause delays which we nor our customers are not happy, thus we strongly suggest you to send EUR bank transfers instead of USD...

You do not need to log in, but to have a larger sending limit then  you should be logged in, also there are many other benefits, but which makes it better is that when you are logged in to the xmlgold account then all your beneficiaries you have ever sent money are saved and you can edit them with just one click, it is good feature when you sending frequently wires to the same beneficiary.

All EUR and SEPA payments are preferred with XMLGold as EUR is being transferred fast and without delays like USD which are held in US Banks, with EUR we do not face such issues only except lack of the full beneficiary details, meaning the beneficiary details must be sent in full, such as the address, post code, bank address, PO Boxes are not accepted. We do not charge any conversion commission on an incoming EUR payments, and even if you live outside Euro zone or in an another country it is always better to send EUR bank transfer to us, our EUR to USD rate is taken from xe.com

First of all it is a major mistake, the money will travel through US Banks and will cause a huge delay, when the money finally arrives to us, the bank will convert the funds with their favorable currency exchange rate and the loss is much bigger than you may think of. So please do not send EUR to USD bank accounts.

Online Bank Transfer is our new payment option for customers from Germany, Austria, Spain, France and Italy, the payment is carried our in EUR and is instant and fast through online internet banking, takes a few minutes to complete!

We process Bank Transfers within 24 Hours as fast as possible, if the order was placed during weekends or Holidays, then there could be delays, banks do not work on weekends anyway, so the wire is being sent to the bank on Monday, sometimes they are processed faster and sometimes with a small delay.

If you are a new customer and sending money to us as a first time, then your funds will be on hold for 48 Hours, as soon as the funds are being cleared your order will be completed asap.

This will prevent from bank payments fraud which we are receiving quite often..

Please note, that, if you are a verified customer and you have a history with us, then your order will be completed instantly, which means the e-currency you ordered will be in your account right after your bank payment. If you are a new customer then you need to get verified and, then you will be able to exchange up to 1000 EUR in total, All the orders from the new customers are being double checked by our admin and will be completed within a few hours...

Yes you can get a refund, but refunds are processed within 2 weeks and there is a fee of 50 EUR an administration cost.

We are the official representatives of MoneyPolo. Our clients may get after a payment and the KYC verification a MoneyPolo prepaid visa card. The documents that customers upload for the KYC, also according to the partnership agreement are transferred to the MoneyPolo automatically.


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