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We are pleased to inform you, that today we had a record with 100000 ordered MasterCard. Order ID: 38397018. We will contact the customer, and he will get on his MasterCard card bonus of 1000 Euros.
From now on you can Top Up your XMLGold MasterCard with eCoin.eu Vouchers just like with other digital and e-currencies, eCoin.eu Vouchers can be generated on www.ecoin.eu site from USD balance, aslo they can be bought from other exchangers. Our MasterCard Top Up fee is just 2%...
We are proud to present the new payment option on XMLGold.eu, an Instant Online Bank Transfer which allows you to pay instantly by using your online bank account and to get the ordered digital and e-currency within a minute, the countries which are currently available are: Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, more countries are about to come shortly...

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Buy, Sell, Exchange Bitcoins, Webmoney With e-Currency Exchanger XMLGold

The most important question nowadays for those people who with varying purposes operate electronic money is in their exchange. Question at the issue is in that sufficiently large number of electronic money systems (several tens) function in the vast of the Internet nowadays. Moreover, different Internet-shops and freelancers, suppliers of different goods and services may accept for payment different electronic money. Exactly because of this reason before users of electronic money systems and active users there is a question about exchanging electronic currency. To exchange perfect money into other currency, to sell hd-money, to buy okpay - all these and many other tasks concern many active users of electronic money systems and payment every day.

There is an urgent question of selling or buying perfect money and other electronic currency for those users who because of their activities cooperate with foreign shops, customers, suppliers, performers and customers of different services.

Certainly there is a great variety of different so named changers in the Internet nowadays, owing to which you can for example buy perfect money, exchange web money and so on. However each person has to be sure in that in any required moment he will be able without problems with maximum speed use capabilities of such a service. Exactly to the number of such services belongs our service of exchanging electronic money. 

Our advantages

If you want to exchange perfect money or some other supported by our service electronic currency you can do it in any comfortable for you moment. Our service works twenty-four hours without any breaks and days-off.

To sell or buy perfect money as any other currency you can almost in automatic mode which significantly reduces time of implementation of exchange you need. Thus, each our user wastes only several minutes for implementation the operation he needs. That is why you can sell egopay or sell perfect money using our service without any protractions and any additional activities. 

Speaking about such a question as safety of exchanging operations by our service we use only the most innovative and tested means of provision of safety of financial transactions in the Internet nowadays. It gives our users the possibility to exchange perfect money and other currency absolutely safely, scilicet without any risk of losing your cash and absolutely confidentially. 

Very important! Before buying or selling perfect money pay attention to currency reserve of our service. You can get acquainted with this information in the right column on our site. In the case the currency reserve is less than you need the exchanging operation will not be performed. However such a situation happens only in exceptional cases because we always try to maintain the reserve of currency on the level which gives all our customers to buy perfect money without any problems and to change other electronic currency. 

Inter alia pay attention to that owing to our service you have the possibility to buy the electronic currency you need with the help of your electronic payment card (Visa and MasterCard). Nowadays each Internet user in any moment may need some electronic currency but not all of them possess needed sum. However, having on hand a payment card you can always buy with our help any supported by our service currency.

In the same way you can exchange your electronic money into real one, transferring it on your card account.

How to use

To exchange perfect money or some other electronic currency with the help of our service is very simply. You should just choose on the home page the currency you need and the directions of exchanging enter the code of conformation and follow system hints. As it was mentioned the whole procedure will not take much time.

At will you can register in the system and by constant using of our service you will be able to get different discounts. The process of registration is also very simple and it will not take much time. 

Little about us

XMLGOLD, belonging to XML Corp company, is the exchanger of electronic money which offers services all over the world. To buy perfect money as any other currency with our service you can be in any place of the Earth. We offer quick and sterling operation of exchanging electronic money in the network WorldWideWeb. Our service gives the possibility to buy and sell perfect money and HDmoney, to change WebMoney, to change and sell Bitcoins. We also give the possibility to convert Bitcoin into LibertyReserve, Bitcoin into PayPal and WebMoney into Bitcoin.

Our Internet changer of electronic currency will give you the possibility to feel all the safety and cooperativeness of online-transferring of electronic currency. XMLGOLD will give the sterling support in any moment when you will have the necessity to transfer perfect money, to buy Bitcoins, to exchange okpay, to sell or exchange Webmoney.

If you have any questions concerning work of our site you can always address our support service of clients. For this only visit the sections of given site “Ask us a Question” and write a letter to us.  Our specialists will get acquainted with it soon and maximum accurately will answer all the questions you are interested in. 

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