After the completion of the technical work, we found that customers are currently technically unable to exchange currency if the transaction exceeds the 1000 USD limit. We will solve this problem in the nearest future. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Get Perfect Money vouchers with 1% bonus

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In order to buy Perfect Money vouchers at a special price, select the currency you wish to sell on the left, and click on the “Vouchers, special offers” section on the right. Then select “Perfect Money vouchers 100 USD” or “Perfect Money voucher 1000 USD”. Then fill in all the necessary information required by the system.

We have added a new section – “Vouchers, special offers”


A new section has been added where you will have an opportunity to buy Perfect Money Vouchers at a better price. To find the new section, select the currency you want to sell on the left side of the currency exchange window, and select the section “Vouchers, special offers” on the right side and click on “Perfect Money Voucher 100 USD”. We hope you will find the new section useful.

Important information

We inform you, that at the moment our website is under a ‘DDoS attack’. Our technicians are already working on this issue and soon it will be solved.

If due to a "DDoS" attack XMLgold will be forced to temporarily go offline, in the meantime, we can offer you to make exchanges in the same mode but via E-mail & Telegram. We will share our contact information (E-mail & Telegram) to Top clients by „Ticket”.

If anybody has not received the XMLgold contacts by the 'Ticket' but wants to exchange the e-currency in the near future, please contact Support.
Note that XMLgold will never offer e-currency exchange on forums, social media or other websites. Don't get caught by scammers who can pretend to be XMLgold support.


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