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Advanced Cash — a universal payment service for entering, withdrawing or exchanging electronic money and cash. The highest quality online banking.

What is Advanced Cash

This automated service allows you to enter, withdraw or exchange money in many various electronic currencies and cash (paper) using your own payment card. This payment service is a completely independent system and completely protects you from the attention of your state. AdvCash payment card(unfortunately, AdvCash MasterCard at the moment is temporarily unavailable) is serviced in 200 countries of the world. The commissions for servicing payment transactions are acceptable.

In addition, there are organized

- An internal interest-free transfer of funds between the users of the system;

- Money transfer to any Visa or MasterCard payment card;

- Money withdrawal and exchange for a large number of electronic currencies etc.!

Money Deposit options

- Wire-transfers (billing, affiliate programs, etc.);

- Electronic money, online payment systems (Payeer, ePay, Bitcoin, eCoin, OKPay, Perfect Money, QIWI, Webmoney);

- Internet banking (Альфа-Банк, Cбербанк, Промсвязбанк, СвязнойБанк, Приват24);

- Payment cards Visa and MasterCard;

- And more...

Money Withdrawal options

- Withdrawal from Advanced Cash MasterCard;

- Electronic money, online payment systems;

- Convenient output to any card (Visa or MasterCard) all over the world;

- Transfer to your bank account;

- Transfer by e-mail;

- And more...


Advanced Cash allows to do fast and simple exchanges with many different currencies.

For example, you can quickly exchange EUR to Bitcoin or WebMoney to OKPay, which is very convenient when you need to make fast currency exchange.

Advanced Cash for professional traders

- Electronic wallet with support of 4 currencies;

- Free transfers within the system;

- Quick and convenient withdrawal of funds around the world;

- Virtual and Plastic cards;

- Cashing checks and wire transfers.

Advanced Cash for business (affiliate program, provider, exchange, etc.)

- Convenient and multifunctional API;

- Fast integration with PHP, Ruby, Python, Java;

- Convenient entry: electronic currencies, bank payments and much more;

- Tools for organizing mass payments;

- Payments within the system (on cards, on accounts, etc.).

Advanced Cash for everyone

- Transfer to the people who do not have an account in the system;

- Payment for various services directly from your wallet;

- Referral program;

- Prompt and effective support;

- Continual addition of new features;

- Security and banking level encryption (PCI DSS Level 3);

- Reliability, legality and full legal transparency.

In the very near future

- Convenient iOS and Android applications

About the Company (info from the project site)

Always ahead. Having worked in the field of finance and electronic payments for more than two decades, Advanced Cash has created a simple and universal system of Internet payments that can solve any of your tasks.

Faster than the usual money transfers, more profitable than a regular bank account, it is more convenient than other online currencies. Advanced Cash is a simple and advantageous account replenishment and withdrawal of funds exactly where you live. By using Advanced Cash, you will carry out global calculations for local rates. Register and you will see for yourself.

Buy, sell or exchange AdvCash on XMLGold.eu

XMLGold online e-currency exchanger gives you an opportunity to convert AdvCash in many different e-currencies and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, ePay, Sepa transfer, Bank transfer, Tether, Litecoin, Exmo code, Wex code, eCoin code and others. XMLGold will guarantee fast and secure transactions, together with acceptable exchange commissions.

The SEC does not intend to adapt its rules to cryptocurrency

The Securities and Exchange Commission will not change the laws and regulations of the securities market in order to adapt to cryptocurrencies management. The head of the institution announced it in an interview with CNBC.

SEC cryptocurrencies regulations"We do not intend to undermine the traditional view of securities that have been operating for a long time ",

– the commission chairman Jay Clayton claimed, adding that the United States has set up a securities market with a total capitalization of $ 19 trillion on these terms.

The SEC does not plan to match its requirements by pleasing the companies whose funding is attracted by placement of the initial coin offering (ICO).

If you have a coin or a share and you want to sell it through private placement, you must comply with the relevant rules,” Clayton announced. “If you wish to go through an IPO with your coin, please join us. The SEC will help the make public placement for issuers who are ready to undertake commitments complying with legislation”.

The commission also touched upon the regulation of cryptocurrencies.

If I give you money for business development, but you promise me a profit in the future, then such an asset is already a security and is subject to regulation."

In order to determine whether an asset is a security, the Howey test, which was invented by the United States Supreme Court in 1946, is carried out. It classifies a security as a cash investment in a common measure from which the investor hopes to profit without effort. In March of this year, when Cleiton had already made it clear that ICO was in fact a sale of securities, he emphasised that today, if it is a security, its issue and circulation are regulated.

The companies which issue cryptocurrencies claim that their assets due to their practical use belong to another category. In these circumstances, the Financial Regulator is forced to balance between protecting consumer rights and stimulating innovations in a billion-dollar cryptocurrency market. For this purpose, the SEC has introduced a new position – Assistant to the Director of the Cryptocurrency Finance Division and Chief Advisor for Digital Assets and Innovations.

How to choose a Forex broker?

Both Forex beginners and professionals agree: there are a lot of brokers available on the market, and finding the right one is sometimes not so easy.

How to choose reliable Forex broker

According to the law, a natural person cannot access the currency market in a direct way, hence the market is supersaturated with intermediaries and every one of them is positioning himself as a reliable broker. However, in our everyday life, from time to time, we face dishonest practices –it concerns the companies which are financially interested in closing clients currency transactions with a loss. Quite often they have not received an appropriate financial regulator licence. There are even cases when companies are cheating and indicate a non-existent license on the website.

How to make sure that the selected Forex broker is a professional and reliable partner? How to choose the right broker?

Before starting to work with a broker, it is necessary to carefully examine all the information available to him, paying attention to seemingly minor details. The information about any broker can be checked at the official supervisory authorities, which will make sure that the broker really has all the necessary permits.

How to recognize a dishonest broker?

Intrusive offers

Some people have come across a situation where an unknown caller who does not know anything about you suddenly in a telephone conversation starts to promise you a dizzying profit, for example, by investing in gold, platinum, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) or other instrument.

It's very difficult to get rid of such callers. The argument that you are busy does not work – they would offer a call at another day and time. Often, they are good psychologists, promising a guaranteed profit without any efforts by investing in “only 100 or 150 euro”, and they look very surprising if the client is not ready to immediately get involved in this adventure. The only way to get rid of these “professionals” is to convince them that you do not have the money – then they will not be interested in you anymore.

In their promises to help you quickly to get rich, such a broker never warns clients of risks, but only tells them about the positive features and potential benefits of a currency or CFD trade.

Suspicious jurisdiction

The country where the brokerage company is established may also be a substance for reflection. Cyprus, Malta and the United Kingdom are the most beneficial choice for the Forex broker and, at the same time,the safest choice for the EU trader. Unfortunately, in Europe, no unified regulator of financial services has been established,therefore, national legislation is in force in this area, which in turn is based on the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive or MiFID. Therefore, the situation in different countries may vary.

Most rigorously, this area is regulated in the United States.Forex brokers are extremely carefully monitored in Israel, but since 2013, in New Zealand, where legislation has become so rigid that many brokerage companies have moved their activities to EU countries.

However, many brokerage companies are still registered in the jurisdictions such as Belize, Seychelles, Vanuatu, Saint Vincent, the Grenadines, etc. Legislation in such countries is less strict, therefore, it is easier to carry out suspicious financial activities in these areas. It is risky to co-operate with such companies: it is very likely that they will be interested to create a delusion that investors have lost their funds, as a result of which the company would get the maximum profit.

Of course, recovering lost money in this case is almost impossible. Get the information on these companies concerning the registration and licenses that give them the right to take specific actions. Fraudsters will give false answers in this case.It is possible that such a company does not have an office or it is in a distant country.

Check if the company has a physical office or representation and if the address indicated on the website matches the legal or actual address, or it is invented. If the company has neither an office nor employees, you should think twice again before you give them your money.

How to choose a reliable Forex broker?

What features to look for before starting to co-operate with any of the Forex brokers?


Large financial institutions, such as banks, are more strictly monitored by the state than smaller market players. Therefore, banks take great care of their reputation, hence the terms of service are clearer and help to reduce the potential misunderstanding between investors and the bank.


Each serious player in the brokerage market must have an elaborated model contract specifying the rights and obligations of both parties, the terms of cooperation and dispute settlement rules. Such a contract not only proves the integrity of clients, but also helps to avoid unnecessary problems in the future.


One should not blindly believe in seemingly beneficial offers, which promise quick access to wealth. Similarly, promise of immediate opening of an account,huge free bonuses and transactions without commission should be treated with caution. Such offers are often just an ad trick, which helps to attract inexperienced investors. It is necessary to carefully evaluate the trading conditions – what is the size of the yield spread of the profit, the minimum amount of collateral, and commissions. It is also important to understand whether the broker offers some kind of protection in the event of a negative account balance. Verify that there are no hidden fees in the service fees.

Trading platform

Today, Forex Terminals have a wide choice. They can vary in terms of speed, functionality, ease of use, security level, automation capabilities and compatibility with your operating system. It is best to try several platforms and then make the final decision and choose the one that suits you best.


There is no need to hesitate to call the broker who is interested in you and ask unclear, awkward questions. This way, you will be able to assess his professionalism and the ability to quickly and successfully respond to all possible difficulties.


Finally, we remind you of the need to select a broker who has received an appropriate financial regulator licence which gives him the right to operate in a particular area. Consequently, such a broker will be required to comply carefully with all statutory provisions.

The Polish regulator launches a campaign against Forex and Cryptocurrency investments

Apparently, the Polish Financial Regulator KNF is tired of fighting with dishonest practices in exchange markets by laconic and individual public alerts, and he has decided to act in an aggressive and universal manner.

KNF anticampaign against Forex and cryptocurrency

As a result, Poland starts a national media anti-ad campaign against investments in Forex and Cryptos. The television campaign is scheduled for June, and will be accompanied by radio advertising and video materials on social networks.

The main message of this campaign is financial education and warnings of potential OTC users for the high risks associated with investments in cryptocurrency instruments and the trade in credit crunch as a whole. In other words, the regulator intends to focus more attention on the risks concerning easy profit makers.

The National Financial Regulatory Authority – the Polish Financial Supervision Commission (KNF) – hides behind the campaign. It warns of investment risks through publicity on public radio and television channels, as well as through printed and digital media. The publication of the respective anti-advertisements on the air is scheduled for June. It is known that the KNF has already allocated 1.75 million zlotys for the radio and television campaign and 615 thousand zlotys for the campaign on the Internet and social media.

Jacek Barszczewski, the representative of KNF commented as follows:

“The aim of the campaign is to prevent those who want to invest their money to entrust those who offer “easy profit without risk”. It is entirely possible that such schemes may include the features of the financial pyramid, that is, the investor derives its profits at the expense of other investors.”

The campaign also emphasizes the lack of regulatory and normative acts in the sphere of cryptocurrency assets and the ICO industry. The regulator draws attention to the legal uncertainties in this area, which, in turn, expose the potential investors to the vulnerability of the capital, unlike the strictly regulated traditional financial markets.


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