What is Monero XMR and how it works

On XMLGold you can exchange Monero to Perfect Money with significant bonuses. In this article you will learn more about the specifics of Monero XMR, its strengths and weaknesses.

There's always a way if you're willing to look for it. It is especially true to surveillance since almost everything can be tracked if you work hard enough.Monero XMR review

Everything from your social media to your browsing history to how many times you've played your favorite song on repeat.

Worryingly, the current financial system is virtually (and reasonably) constructed on the ability to trace its use. It is possible, however, to break the loop, as we will discover when we review Monero.

What if you could have genuine financial independence founded on an economic framework that makes no concessions to your privacy? There's no tracking, no third-party monitoring, and no knowledge of who, what, or where you're giving money to.

It's all utterly indistinguishable. That is where Monero comes in, supporting the notion of employing blockchain technology to provide anonymity by default to all users. Overall, how do you feel about it? To discover it, continue reading our Monero review.

What is Monero?

Monero was founded in 2014 as a derivative of Bytecoin, another privacy-focused cryptocurrency.

Monero is supposed to be an open-source system with an 'obfuscated' decentralized public ledger, similar to it's unrelated ancestor with which it shares most of its underlying technology.

In other words, it attempts to promote privacy by letting users move cryptocurrency in the form of Monero's XMR tokens within its network in an untraceable way.

Monero's blockchain was designed to make it difficult to determine the source, amount, or receiver of a specific transaction. A primary goal of the project was to solve two problems that hampered popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin: the purported lack of fungibility and the need for pseudo-anonymous anonymity.What is Monero?

However, unlike other privacy-focused currencies, Monero's anonymity-enhancing features are enabled by default, rather than being an opt-in option for its users.

Consequently, Monero has become a popular cryptocurrency among those who value their anonymity. However, since every transaction cannot be tracked, Monero has become a popular alternative for people looking to conceal their criminal usage.

Darknet marketplaces and criminal gangs often employ Monero. WannaCry ransomware campaigns, for example, asked that its victims pay them in XMR tokens.

When was Monero created?

Monero's history begins in 2012 with the publication of the CryptoNote whitepaper — a cryptocurrency research paper written by researcher Nicolas van Saberhagen, whose actual identity is unknown.

It offered the above-mentioned cryptographic technologies as well as a new kind of electronic currency known as CryptoNote.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to emerge on the CryptoNote technology in July 2012, and in 2014, Bytecoin's script was forked to produce a new currency – Bitmonero, which we now know as Monero.Monero history

There is no one creator or CEO of Monero. A core team of developers is working on it, most of whom choose to remain nameless. Riccardo Spagni (aka FluffyPony), Monero's chief maintainer until stepping down in December 2019, is one of the few engineers whose name is known.

Spagni first became active in cryptocurrencies in 2011 by mining Bitcoin. He then co-founded Tari, a Monero merge-mined sidechain focused on enabling and empowering non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Monero is an open-source project that depends heavily on community contributions to support its development. Monero's Community Crowdfunding System has attracted hundreds of people from across the world who have donated ideas and money to the project (CCS).

What are the benefits of Monero?

In many ways, Monero is comparable to other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It's a permission-free open-source program. This second feature is potentially world-changing. No authority can stop you from using a cryptocurrency.

It means that those without access to modern banking facilities can take part in a digital economy in the way they never could before. They just require a way to connect to the internet, which is usually a computer or a mobile device.

There are millions of people around the world who lack access to banking facilities but have smartphones and local Wi-Fi hotspots.

1. Privacy:

The fundamental reason for Monero's value is its privacy characteristics. Nobody can associate you with a Monero cryptocurrency transaction.Monero Privacy

As a result, it is a popular currency among individuals who value their privacy for many reasons. Not all of these reasons will be unlawful, but some will undoubtedly be.

2. Fungibility:

Another key aspect of the Monero cryptocurrency in terms of privacy is that it is completely fungible. Don't be concerned; I'll explain what I mean!

Bitcoin transactions from one user to another may be tracked. You may not identify the user's identity depending on how they use Bitcoin, but you can track each Bitcoin from address to address.

It implies that a user can determine if a certain Bitcoin was engaged in a crime. It isn't the best value for money!

Assume you sold a legal item on a site and were paid in Bitcoin. However, it has been discovered that the Bitcoin you got was previously used in a narcotics transaction. If you attempt to spend it elsewhere, the person receiving it may decide that they do not want this "tainted" currency.

No one can determine which transactions each currency was participated in because of Monero's excellent privacy characteristics.

It would be hard to connect a single Monero currency to a previous crime. There is no transaction history for any Monero currencies. It implies they are interchangeable!

3. Dynamic scalability:

Another area in which Monero attempted to improve on Bitcoin was its scalability. Simply put, scalability refers to how effectively a network can expand in response to demand. By definition, blockchain-based coins are small in size.

Bitcoin has maintained a 1MB block-size restriction for most of its history. It implies that only 1MB of transaction data can fit into each of the Bitcoin network's blocks, which are mined every 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, when many users attempt to perform transactions using Bitcoin simultaneously, the blockchain becomes overburdened with transaction data. Transactions that are too large to fit inside a block must wait for a miner to incorporate them.

Because miners prefer to include transactions with the highest fees attached, if the network is particularly busy, it encourages individuals to raise their costs to have their transactions included.

It is what occurred on the Bitcoin blockchain in the spring of 2017. Some transactions required a cost of $30 or more simply to be verified!

Monero is unique. This allows for more transaction data in each block, there is a drawback: spammers may use it to load the blockchain with transactions. It would result in massive blockages.

The Monero creators, on the other hand, implemented a block reward-penalty mechanism. The median size of the previous 100 blocks is used. The block reward lowers if the new block that the miners are working on surpasses the median of the preceding hundred blocks.

It inhibits spam transactions because miners will not mine blocks with such a high penalty if it is no longer viable for them to do so.

4. Mining algorithm and supply:

Mining is a necessary component for all blockchains that use the proof-of-work protocol. Apart from providing significant incentives to miners, the procedure also contributes to the network's stability and security.

However, unlike Bitcoin, which has a maximum number of 21 billion coins, the supply of Monero is effectively endless. When the total circulating volume of Monero hits 18 million XMR, the reward for every block will increase to 0.6 XMR, for a total of 432 XMR per day.

As a result, the value of XMR will continue to rise, while Miners will continue to support Monero's network. Furthermore, the network's mining algorithm differs from that of Bitcoin.

It employs RandomX, which decreases the efficacy of ASICs and other specialized mining gear while also ensuring more decentralization and balance among ASIC, CPU, and GPU miners.

5. ASIC resistance:

Another alleged problem with Bitcoin is that mining the network is no longer lucrative without using specialist mining equipment.

Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chips are used in these systems. They are costly, which implies that only the wealthiest can establish mining operations.

Monero is an exception. It employs CryptoNight, an alternative hashing method to Bitcoin. CryptoNight employs several innovative technologies to make the development of ASIC chips appropriate for Monero mining unprofitable.

For this introduction to the Monero currency, the intricacies are a bit complicated, but all you need to know is that Monero can mine economically using both CPUs and GPUs. It suggests that the money might be even more decentralized than Bitcoin.

6. Multiple keys:

Monero has a different key mechanism than Bitcoin and Ethereum. There is just one pair of keys in these currencies — a public key and a private key. Monero makes use of a public view key, a private view key, and both a public and a private spend key.

  • - Only stealth public addresses and public view keys are used, and only public view keys are produced.

  • - A private view key is required to examine the blockchain and verify that money has been received.

  • - A public spend key is required to validate a transaction's signature.

  • - Outgoing transactions are created using private spend keys.

Where to use Monero?

1. Abaco hosting:

Abaco Hosting is a web hosting business that provides email hosting, reseller, VPS, geolocated hosting for Linux and Windows, cloud, WordPress hosting, SSL, security, and servers.Where to use Monero

You may purchase a name using Monero, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Digibyte, or Bitcoin Cash and select from over 500 available domain extensions.

2. Njalla:

Njalla is a private internet corporation that acts as a customer for a domain name registration service for its customers.

In summary, Njalla functions as a privacy barrier, sitting between the domain name registration service and you, and when you buy a domain name via Njalla, Njalla owns it for you by providing you complete domain use rights, to minimize your exposure to the public.

3. HostNesta:

HostNesta is a global web hosting company that accepts Monero as payment for hosting options. All you have to do is choose a web hosting package, use Monero as a payment option, and finish the purchase payment procedure.

4. Azur Samui:

Azur Samui is a club development with 27 magnificent apartments and pool penthouses and 23 villas for sale in Koh Samui, Thailand. This clubhouse also offers food, sports, and spa services, and takes Monero payments.

5. Swapzone:

Swapzone is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange integrator that provides you with Bitcoin to Monero exchange rates, transaction processing speed, and ratings on crypto exchanges to help you make the right decision and rapidly convert BTC to XMR.

6. is another firm prepared to accept Monero in return for its services. It offers many hosting services, including web, cloud, and dedicated hosting. The company has the best reputation and provides high-quality products at reasonable pricing.

How to buy Monero?

XRM, like other cryptocurrencies, can be purchased in a variety of ways. However, because of its secret nature, Monero has not received widespread acceptance in terms of exchange listing.

Nonetheless, we will investigate market areas and methods of obtaining Monero.

1. Create an XMR wallet:

Before purchasing XRM, you may need a wallet to store your currencies. Your best bet is to utilize a hard wallet, like Leger, to provide an additional degree of protection.

Hard wallets, on the other hand, may be rather costly. As a result, you may want to consider other options, such as utilizing the official Monero desktop wallet, My Monero wallet, or Exodus wallet.

On the Exodus wallet, you may also exchange BTC or other currencies for XMR.

2. Buy Monero with e-currency:

If you want to buy Monero XMR with e-currency, then XMLGold e-currency and cryptocurrency exchange will be the place. Here you will be able to buy Monero with Perfect Money, Payeer, Advcash and other currencies. It should be noted that XMLGold offers some of the best exchange rates on the market. Buy and sell Monero XMR

XMLGold also holds the highest Perfect Money Trust score among all e-currency exchangers. XMLGold was founded in 2006, which is a good argument if you want to choose a secure and experienced e-currency exchanger.


As we conclude our Monero review, we can't help but reflect on all the times we've transmitted money over a blockchain network and wonder how many individuals have been monitoring us.

Do they know how much money we have, how much we're passing on, and who we're sending it to? Overall, we won't have to worry about any of these issues since Monero is a cryptocurrency that is intrinsically private and anonymous by default.

On the bright side, you obtain a cryptocurrency that may be used as a significantly more secure alternative to the dollar. However, we want Monero's blockchain might be faster when it comes to transaction processing.

Pros and cons of Monero:


  • - One of the most concerned about privacy.

  • - Extremely scalable

  • - No transactions can trace back to you.

  • - Esteemed in the crypto community


  • - A little tricky to work with (storage, etc.)

  • - Monero is not supported by many wallets.

While it is (far) quicker than others, it lags in the few seconds it takes others to confirm payments. Overall, Monero has established a very high and outstanding standard for how blockchains and cryptocurrencies might approach privacy.

Exchange Monero XMR to Perfect Money USD

Payeer Wallet Review: Sign Up, Log In, Verification, Fees, Security

Payeer is one of the most used currencies on the XMLGold cryptocurrency and e-currency exchange platform. Let's find out what the Payeer e-wallet is and how to use it properly. In this review you will learn how to register in the Payeer payment system. The topics such as: Payeer security, fees, deposit and withdrawal options will be discussed. At the end of the article we will summarize the pros and cons of the Payeer wallet. We hope this review will help you better understand the Payeer payment system.


As the number of people who use digital finance grows, therefore, demand market is also increasing. As a result, the number of digital asset management alternatives has grown. Digital asset management frequently provides users with digital or electronic wallets in which they deposit or withdraw funds.

Some of these systems have improved and expanded their features, and they now accept both fiat and crypto-currency payments. It has proven quite beneficial for the large number of consumers they occasionally attract.

Payeer is one such platform. Customers of Payeer can use this platform's numerous services and functions. Payeer is a crypto-currency exchange and a digital wallet for fiat and crypto-assets.

Payeer has a large number of features that have constantly resulted in excellent feedback for the platform. These include crypto-currency trading across many block-chains, asset storage, and rapid payment methods such as the Payeer payment system to fiat currencies.

The platform has also included a long list of new support options, such as withdrawals to Master-card, Maestro, and other credit cards. Individuals who are considering using it as their primary electronic wallet will like the variety of alternatives for making payments or adding cash to the wallet.

Payeer Sign up

Payeer SignUp Process

To sign up with Payeer, you will need:

1.Go to the payment service provider's official website.

2.Select "Create Account" from the drop-down menu (the button is located in the central part of the interface).

3.Type your E-mail address in the box provided.

4.As a code, type captcha.

5.Select "Create Account" from the drop-down menu.

6.Go through your emails.

7.Fill in the form field with the resultant number combination.

Payeer account sign up

Everything is straightforward, as you can see. Only an email address is required by Payeer. In less than a minute, the user becomes the owner of a personal account with a payment system. We will go over the Payeer wallet registration process in greater detail below.

Payeer Login

After arriving at the official Payeer website, the user should click the "Create an account" button in the middle of the main page. The users are redirected to a page where they must enter their email address and captcha code.

Click "Create an account" once more, but first familiarise yourself with the payment system's requirements for service supply. By default, selecting the "Create an account" button indicates that the user accepts the rules' terms. While you click the button, a box will pop up asking you to input a verification code that was previously given to the email address you provided, when filling out the previous form.

Payeer Login Process

A Payeer client must do the following to log into their account:

1. Go to the payment service provider's official website.

2. In the center of the interface, click "Login."

3. Fill in the information that the system requires.

4.Press "Login" once again.

Advcash card

The user should have no difficulty logging into Payeer's system. Username and password generated upon registration are only needed by the system. This combination of numbers and letters will be the key to the Payeer account if the user has not updated them yet.

Let's take a deeper look at the procedure of accessing the payment system.

After visiting the main Payeer page, select the "Login" button next to the "Create an account" button at the first step. The system will prompt you to enter your username, password, and security code, or captcha, in the next window.

If you forget your password for any reason, it does not mean you will never be able to access your funds again.

Payeer password recovery

Normally, such situations are taken into consideration by service. In the form, next to the field requiring a password, there is a button labeled "Forgot your password?". This tool will assist the user in regaining access to their account and money directly.

After clicking the button, you will be sent to the restoration page, where we'll enter the login, secret word, and captcha code. Remember the secret word, along with the logins and password, was produced during the account registration process.

After you have successfully logged into Payer, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with all of the system's features. Payeer offers an extremely easy UI, which makes engaging with the service more pleasant.

On the right side of the Payeer personal account page, you'll find the following sections:

  • - "Balance" refers to the number of funds held in the payment system account.

  • - “Transfer” is needed for settlements between the parties.

  • - "Exchange" for converting cryptocurrencies for the Payer's fiat currency

  • - History" is used to see the history of completed transactions and export them to CSV format (a delimited text file created to simplify work with large amounts of information).

  • - The "API" is helpful when integrating with internet services.

Let's have a look at the top panel now. As a result, the total quantity of funds on the user's accounts in US dollars is displayed in the right corner of the screen.

On the right are located:

  • - Notifications and news tab. It contains all of the information about your account as well as payment system news.

  • - The account number includes information about the account's current status. You may add other security to your account by verifying your IP address and turning on SMS alerts.

  • - The tab for selecting the interface language.

  • - It's worth noting that the "Personal Account" only supports Russian and English.

  • - Theme selection tab which includes dark or light, who likes which one.

  • - A tab for contacting support.

  • - Exit tab.

  • - Settings tab. It allows you to reset your password, log in, track referrals, and view information about the cards used to make earlier payments.

Also, double-check personal information. Go to "Profile" in the section, where a form will appear that should be filled to pass verification.

We choose the account type and input the entire name, date of birth, country, and address. We verify all of these details by uploading an international passport or national identity card, and any other document that verifies the address, to the system. A utility bill or a bank statement will work.

After you have finished uploading your papers, click "Send for verification" and wait for confirmation. Please keep in mind that document verification might take up to 7 business days. The procedure may need to repeat at times.

Payeer Fees

Payeer charges reasonable prices for the numerous services and features it offers to its customers. Each cryptocurrency has a separate trading cost. The deposit cost might be as high as 3.99 percent in some cases, depending on the payment method in use.

Other deposit and withdrawal transactions have a cost, and the company has listed numerous prices linked with their respective money.

Even though depositing Bitcoin into the wallet is free there is a minimum amount that is exchanged, which serves the same purpose as a minimum fee. Depositing fiat currency makes payments on the site.

Because of this direct digital deposits to the wallet are free to the platform, but fiat currencies are not. There are no fees associated with withdrawing crypto assets.

Although the charge appears to be larger than that of many local platforms, Payeer has maintained the fee reasonable by providing a more comprehensive package that minimizes the need to pay small amounts to various stages. As a result, consumers stop paying a single one for a small fee.

The fees for verified and unverified users are the same. Some rates are below:

  • - International money transfer is free;

  • - Currency exchange costs 2% of the amount exchanged, regardless of currency type;

  • - Replenishment is free;

  • - Output ranges from 0% to 5%;

  • - SMS notifications: $0.05 per notification;

  • - Password recovery is typically free; $50 if the account password is automatically recovered;

  • - Account transfers are free;

  • - The system pays back 0.95 percent of the amount received (if HYIP uses the API).

Payeer Security System

Payeer is expected to place a high priority on security, because of its activities on many continents and a rapidly rising user base. The platform has implemented several security measures to keep user information, data, and privacy safe and secure.

The measures include 2FA, which requires second permission and confirmation from the mobile device before performing transactions or utilizing specific Payeer platform services once the mobile phone authenticates with the account.

Verification may take time, based on many aspects to assure a close-knit and safe clientele. It may be discouraging, but having only authenticated users can be a wise tactic.

Without completing the verification, transactions, withdrawals, and other activities are limited to a certain point beyond which users are unable to advance.

Payeer is recognized as one of the most secure and trustworthy wallets currently accessible in much of South Asia, and it supports more than one cryptocurrency.

Users are alerted through an E-mail every time their account is logged into, another step toward a secure platform. It can assist them in keeping track of any activity that occurs within their account and catching a criminal in the act.

Payeer Deposit Options

The payment system wallet can be deposited in the "Balance" area, which offers information about the currencies supported by the service and their current status. There are a few options:

• Banks and cash (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, and cash);

• Cryptocurrency (ETH, BTC, Advcash, Tether, LTC).

Bitcoin Deposit into Payeer's USD Account

Consider the procedure of using a cryptocurrency transfer to replenish a US dollar account.

Click the "Deposit" button in the "Balance" section of the USD account.

Select the deposit system and the required deposit amount in a new window.

Click "Deposit" once again. We consider the fact that this operation involves a commission from the system.

We then double-check the information and validate the operation.

If everything seems good, click "Deposit," but if you need to make changes, click the "Return" button on the form's right side.

The system will return the user to a page with the transfer address and the amount, which he has just 15 minutes to deposit after confirming the transaction.

Please keep in mind that the deposit amount should not differ from the amount offered by the provider, as this might cause issues with the account's receiving procedure.

We will wait for the amount on the USD balance to update now that the transfer is complete.

The system may prompt the user to validate his details depending on the deposit method selected.

So, if he wants to deposit money into an account using a bank card, he won't be able to do so until he uploads a photo of his passport and the bank card from which the transfer is made to a particular form after filling out all of the questions.

Payeer Withdrawal Options

Payeer withdrawals are done under the "Balance" area, which provides information about the currencies supported by the service and their present platform. Payeer money can be withdrawn in a variety of ways:

1.Banks and cash (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Cash);

2.Cryptocurrency (ETH, BTC, Advcash, Tether, LTC).

Withdrawing Bitcoins From A Payeer Account

Let's take a look at how to get money out of a Bitcoin account.

Click the "Withdraw" button in the "Balance" section of your BTC account.

The user will then be taken to a screen that requests the amount and the BTC address for the transfer. Withdrawing Bitcoin can only be done to another cryptocurrency network address.

The minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts are 0.001 BTC and 30 BTC, respectively.

We check for inaccuracies and confirm the withdrawal of funds when we finish the application.

In case of withdrawal limitations from other system accounts, the lowest withdrawal amount directly from Payer is $ 0.02, and the maximum is $ 2,000, provided the user sends from an unverified account.

Where To Use The Payeer Payment System?

Compared to many of its competitors, the financial platform provides much more options. The usefulness of the payment functionality is determined by how the account is used.

After all, the demands of the individual paying for items on the Internet are very important to the business that utilizes the Payeer wallet to handle online payments.

Below is a list of useful features:

• No or cheap commissions;

• Sending payments to any location on the planet;

• A diverse variety of money deposit and withdrawal options;

• HYIP-to-HYIP transactions are instantaneous and flexible;

• Mass payments make it simple to transmit money and conduct transactions;

• Exchange service; international SWIFT transfers;

• Deposit funds through SWIFT and credit card deposits;

• Automatic bank transfers (bank cards);

• Easy signup (just an E-mail address is required);

• Extensive security (IP security, SMS security);

• Virtual playing cards (as a replacement for real cards) Accounts with several currencies;

• Funds are sent instantly;

• There is an affiliate program;

• The account is not locked;

• There is an iOS app.

How to Exchange Payeer?

XMLGold is one of the best options for exchanging Payeer. At (online digital currency exchanger) you can secure and cheaply buy, sell or exchange Payeer EUR and USD in many other e-currencies and cryptocurrencies, for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Monero Tether, USD Coin, TrueUSD, Perfect Money, Perfect Money Vouchers EUR/USD, AdvCash, Bank Transfer, Sepa Transfer and many others.

How does it work?

Simply select the currency you want to buy on the right side and currency you want to sell on left side. Fill the necessary amount for you and press “continue”, then fill all the necessary information requested by the system. It will be fast and simple.

Note: If you want to buy or sell larger amounts, then choose option – “Extend Reserve”.

Payeer vs Perfect Money

Payeer is a multi-currency payment method that involves sending and receiving fiat money along with cryptocurrencies. There are pros and cons to utilizing Payeer, but the best feature is that you may receive cryptocurrency and withdraw in fiat cash.

In addition to being a payment entryway for sending and receiving money, Perfect Money allows you to fund your account with bitcoin and earn interest. You may withdraw your funds by many methods, including using Western Union.

Pros and Cons of Payeer


• VFSC has authorized and regulated the company.

• Maintenance of your account is completely free.

• The low transaction, payment, and deposit/withdrawal commissions.

• Excellent site for purchasing and managing cryptocurrency.

• Merchants will find the payment mechanism to be quite convenient.

• It is available in over 127 countries.

• On Android and iOS, the app has a good reputation.


• Only tickets are essential for technical support (no chat or phone).

• Other cryptocurrencies can be added to the platform.


There are so many payment processors available nowadays that it is difficult for dealers and customers to pick the one, which is the best. It is difficult for businesses and consumers to choose the best payment processor when there are so many.

Payeer wallet is one of the greatest online e-currency e-wallets available. It provides both freedom and security. If you are looking for a new payment processor, you should try Payeer wallet and log in to your account to learn more about its features.

Payeer wallet can be helpful for you, particularly if you own an online store. It is a fantastic way for customers to purchase things without dealing with any hassles or restrictions. Take a closer look at this payment system if you are tired of the platform used for online settlements.

Exchange Payeer

TrueUSD cryptocurrency review: price, security, benefits, fees

TrueUSD is one of the cryptocurrencies available on the XMLGold e-currency exchange platform, in this article you will learn more about this stable coin.

TrueUSD stablecoinThe Trust Token team released TrueUSD, a cryptocurrency backed by the US dollar. Tether USDT, the world's biggest stable coin, is now embroiled in various scandals, making this an exceptionally heated issue. Nevertheless, is TrueUSD a superior option to the current system? This TrueUSD review aims to address that question by providing you with all the facts you need. I'll also take a look at the benefits and drawbacks.

What is TrueUSD (TUSD)?

A new cryptocurrency called TrueUSD was established at the beginning of 2018. It was intended to be a stable coin that was easy to use, transparent, and dependable. As a result, no secret bank account or algorithm is used. The dollars that TrueUSD has on hand are spread among many distinct trust accounts. They have agreed to publicize the collateralized holdings every day and undertake monthly audits as part of the deal they signed. Multiple escrow accounts use to reduce counterparty risk and offer legal protection for token holders.

What is TrueUSDThe purpose of TrueUSD was:

• Traders and Exchanges:

You may use TrueUSD as a kind of insurance against market volatility and as a way to trade without having to first purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum.

• Mainstream Commerce:

Every day consumers and companies don't have to worry about huge price swings while using blockchain technology.

• Developing Economies:

Use the stable currencies of rising economies for commercial transactions.

• Long-Term Financial Contracts:

Loans, wages, and other long-term financial arrangements.

• Financial Institutions:

Financial institutions may trade in the crypto markets using a trustworthy asset.

When was TrueUSD created?

TrueUSD was established at the beginning of 2018. Rafael Cosman, co-founder, and CEO of TrustToken developed the TrueUSD platform. Cosman has had a long-standing interest in cryptocurrencies, and most of his academic work has focused on artificial intelligence. Over the years, he's worked with many platforms, including Palantir, a software business, and Google.

A tiny subset of TrustToken's offerings, the TrueUSD platform allows users to create high-impact assets with little effort. An initial coin offering (ICO) had caused significant volatility in other currencies, which worried investors, but Cosman had discovered that auditing the stable coins consistently gave the firm a new direction and so calmed their nerves.

How does TrueUSD work?

The US dollars are held in escrow agreements signed by many trust businesses rather than in a single bank account managed by one company.

How TrueUSD worksTrueUSD claims that the contents of the bank accounts are revealed and audited monthly. As a result, customers may have a high degree of confidence in TrueUSD since these collateralized assets are not held by a single corporation, but rather by many fiduciary partners.

To ensure that they are not held liable when issuing tokens, TrueUSD uses a technical framework. The USDT tokens, on the other hand, are created on the bitcoin blockchain using the Omni protocol.

Using the Ethereum blockchain, the tokens of TrueUSD may be issued using a sophisticated process. The KYC or AML check must pass before a person may purchase TrueUSD online. TrueUSD's trusted business partners will be able to receive USD after the transaction is completed.

For every $1 that is sent to an account connected to a trusted business, the TrueUSD smart contract is instructed to create tokens on a 1:1 basis and distribute them to that account's Ethereum addresses.

Tokens may be sent to friends or used to make purchases once they are in your wallet. A smart contract address that alerts the trust firm and indicates a bank transfer may also use to redeem TUSD tokens for actual US dollars.

This whole system assures that issuance takes occur in an environment that is decentralized and uses APIs and that the management of fiat money is superior to that of other options.

What are the benefits of TrueUSD?

People and businesses have several reasons to utilize TrueUSD (TUSD). Because of this, traders and investors may enter the cryptocurrency market without dealing with the market's volatility right away.

TrueUSD benefitsThe TUSD provides a haven for those investors and traders who want to get out of the market before it becomes even more volatile.

There are FDIC-insured bank accounts in the United States that hold the equivalent of the amount of TUSD presently in circulation, making TUSD a stable currency.

The TUSD will become more valuable as the number of trading pairings and liquidity rises. Since any ERC-20-compliant personal wallet may use to store and withdraw TUSD, there is a small amount of third-party risk.

Is TUSD safe?

TUSD is generally regarded as one of the most secure stable coins on the market today. An incentive to retain TUSD is that it is a stable currency.

• Security:

Three distinct security organizations have independently evaluated smart contracts, and none have identified or reported any vulnerabilities.

• Escrow:

No one has direct access to the user monies that are being kept in reserve since all of the funds underpinning TUSD are held in escrow.

• Asset Insurance:

In the United States, holders of TUSD are legally protected against the theft of money and the accounts in which monies are maintained are FDIC guaranteed.

• Audits:

Every month, the accounting firm Cohen & Company conducts an audit. The business then publishes its findings online. TUSD's issued quantity is guaranteed to be fully collateralized by escrowed funds in this manner.

• Licensed and Regulated:

TUSD is the first U.S.-issued regulated stable coin, and TrustToken is fully permitted to operate in the country.

TrueUSD (TUSD) vs Tether (USDT) vs USD Coin (USDC) comparison:

Only three stable coins, Tether, TrueUSD, and USD Coin, are in the top 50 most valuable cryptocurrencies on the market. Tether is the most valuable cryptocurrency by a wide margin, with a market cap of $1.7 billion. With a market capitalization of just $160 million, TrueUSD is the closest competition. Furthermore, the freshly created USD Coin has around $140 million USDC tokens available for purchase.TrueUSD vs Tethet A central authority maintains a trust account for all assets and creates digital tokens representing a 1:1 claim to those assets, which is the foundation of all cryptocurrencies.

Compared to the other two cryptocurrencies, Tether is the only one that is as transparent about its operations, disclosures of its holding companies, and accounts as well as regulatory compliance.

Stablecoins created on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-20 tokens are more compatible with many software, hardware wallets, exchanges, and other Ethereum projects than older stable coins.

Most of USDT is issued on the Omni blockchain, although there are some ERC-20 tokens in there as well.

In terms of the number of users and transactions, Tether is well ahead of TrueUSD and USDC. Although the circulating quantity of Tether has decreased, TrueUSD and USD Coin have seen remarkable growth this year although

Tether has the most trading pairs available on the market. TrueUSD and USD Coin, on the other hand, are still in their infancy and are swiftly making up for the lost time.

How to exchange TrueUSD?

If you want to exchange TrueUSD safely and with low commissions then XMLGold e-currency and cryptocurrency exchange will be a good choice for you. Here you can exchange TrueUSD into the most popular digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, USD Coin, Ethereum, Tether, AdvCash (Advanced Cash), Payeer, Perfect Money, XMLToken, Sepa transfer, Bank transfer, SWIFT transfer, Perfect Money e-Vouchers EUR/USD and many others.

How does it work?

What you need to do – just select the currency which you want to exchange on the left side and currency which you want to buy on the right side. Enter the amount you need, fill your e mail address and press – continue.

Note: If you want to buy or sell more, then click on the button – „Extend Reserve". Support in the short term will find the necessary funds for you.

Pros and Cons:

TrueUSD pros and consPros:

• Margin financing on exchanges, cryptocurrencies loans, an interest-bearing account deposits are all possible uses for TUSD.

• There is a 1:1 monetary link between the TUSD and the US dollar.

• The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insures bank accounts that hold US dollars that reflect TUSD.

• There are no costs associated with the purchase, transaction, or redemption of this product.

• Cryptocurrency marketplaces may be entered and exited instantaneously without any delays.

• In terms of transparency, TUSD is an excellent choice for investors.


• In comparison to the other stable coins, TUSD is still a long way behind.

• Stablecoins have a lot of competition.


TrueUSD (TUSD) is a contender for the best stable currency slot since it is open and helpful. Tether, which has a lengthy history of problematic behavior, is a strong rival because of its emphasis on compliance and openness.

TUSD has the potential to replace USDT as a viable option in the future.

The TrustToken team is using the Ethereum blockchain's proven security, wallet infrastructure, and smart contracts to help TUSD develop and prosper. As a result, TUSD was able to get off to a quicker start than it otherwise would have.

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Perfect Money wallet review – sign up, log in, security, verification, fees

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Perfect Money wallet

In this article you will find overview in detail about the Perfect Money wallet: registration, security, fees, verification, deposit and cash out options. In the world, there are currently many different payment systems which offer electronic payments. Their popularity depends largely on the ease of use and commissions. In different countries, various EPS (electronic payment systems) are distributed - Advcash, Payeer, Epay, Payza, Payoneer, Skrill etc.

This article includes a detailed review of one of these – Perfect Money (PM):

1. Overview;

2. Registration;

3. Set up of the profile security;

4. Verification;

5. Advantages and disadvantages of Perfect Money;

6. Commissions;

7. Deposit;

8. Withdrawal;

9. Conclusions and recommendations.

This payment system is offshore, which involves its anonymity. The starting point for activities is considered to be 2007. Today this system is part of the company SR&I. It was registered in Panama, but the company itself is located not in the place of registration, but in Switzerland (the city of Zurich). It has got a license that allows issuing electronic cash.

Perfect Money logo

On the Internet, the company has its own official website: In the process of loading the page, in the address bar a green lock appears. This is an SSL certificate which informs that the connection is secure and complies with all the encryption rules. Among the clients of this EPS (Electronic Payment System), abbreviations of the name are quite common - PM. Most of the users call it simply - Perfect Money. In 2010, the Perfect Money system acquired a built-in domestic lending exchange. The most important point in verifying customers was the Trust Score (TS) – user rating. The highest rating has the accounts where a large financial turnover takes place, which should speak about the honesty and credibility of transactions. The highest Perfect Money Trust score according to the results of has (Online Currency Converter / Exchange) - 10 000 (TS).

The popularity of Perfect Money began to grow since 2011 after the closure of the company Liberty Reserve (main competitor). Soon, Perfect Money was widely distributed in various sectors. First of all, it concerns high-risk earnings (different pyramid systems, high-yield HYIP projects, bookmakers, and so on). Also, the payment system has found its niche in business through the Internet. The appearance of applications in order to manage their operations by using a smartphone or tablet on iOS and, a little later, for Android, took place in 2013. With the help of these mobile applications, it is possible to freely make various financial transactions without mandatory access to a laptop or desktop computer. But the most ordinary users out of habit use exclusively the Perfect Money website.

Like in many other payment systems, there is an affiliate program in Perfect Money. It guarantees an additional passive income for those participants who invite other unique users. This source of income, at a fixed interest rate, provides a profit every month.

The Perfect Money website has been developed by the company’s engineers, with the aim to provide various payments from different websites. Perfect Money has partners who are certified by law and who have many exchange points. In the surveyed service, there is such a thing as prepaid cards. They allow their customers to replenish their accounts at any convenient time or make a purchase without logging in to their personal account.

The site of the payment system supports for 23 languages, which is very convenient for users. Next, let us dig a little deeper and figure out how to work with the Perfect Money wallet. First of all you need to create your personal account, i.e. to register.

How can you use Perfect money

- Transferring money from one user account to another;

- Receipt of payments on your site;

- Carrying out payment for goods and services on the Internet;

- Buying and selling bitcoin, gold, US dollars and euro;

- Issuance and receipt of loans within the system;

- Receipt of additional income from participating in a partnership program.

- You can buy and sell gift cards on the marketplace. This is a reliable online marketplace for the buyers and sellers of digital goods, founded in 2012. In this video you will learn how to buy products with Perfect Money on the Buysellvouchers marketplace:

Registration on

To get started to work with the wallet, first of all go to the official website. When we got to the desired resource, we choose our language and click "Sign up". We see the page where it is necessary to enter the details.


1. Fill in the real data for further verification;

2. All fields with an asterisk "*" must be filled out on a mandatory basis.

Perfect Money signup instructionNext, you need to perform a few simple points:

- Establish your account name and enter your email address. It is very important that it is real and activated, because to it a letter with a unique login will be sent, with the help of which you will carry out operations on the site;

- It is also recommended to use authentication in two stages by using SMS;

- Indicate your phone number in the accepted format, again real;

- Test account will be of the type “Personal” (for more information about the types of the accounts can be found on the official website);

- Invent a complex password. It must contain at least 6 characters in Latin, different case, and numbers. You are required to remember it or save any file, because you will have to go through the process of checking personal data to recover the password. Do not show it to anyone for security purposes;

- Then enter a few characters to confirm that you are a human being, agree with the service and, finally, click "Register".

After, an email will be sent to the appropriate address. In email you will receive ID(number) – your identifier, consisting of numbers (it also serves as a login to enter the account).

If you forget or do not save your login, it can be easily restored by submitting a request with the button "Forgot?" at the entrance.

After you have entered your data, press "Login". The security system sends you a PIN code that you will need to enter in the field and click "Continue".

The process of registration is completed. After entering the code, go to your personal account. Here you can choose the type of account and issue an additional one, if necessary.

After that, go to the security settings in order to protect yourselves and your money from fraud.

Perfect Money profile security settings

To protect your data, go to the tab “Security Centre”. The option of checking the IP address from which the client comes in is included here.

Perfect Money securityEvery time you log in, a letter including a verification code will be sent to your address. This is a standard procedure and is not recommended to be changed.

Perfect Money provides additional opportunities for the protection of personal information:

- You can log in to the system using SMS, but this service must be paid, therefore,many users are not satisfied with it. Messages may also be delayed due to various problems of the mobile operator;

- Connection with the code card.

After using this option, a file with the extension ".png" will be opened. Here we will see the codes that will need to be entered when making any financial transaction. A similar file will be sent to your e-mail.

Perfect Money security codeThese data must be stored in a safe place. Setting profile protection is a very important moment that will allow the client to protect himself from hacking the account by intruders. Do not neglect this mandatory item. You can use Perfect Money services immediately after registering and setting security features. In this case, the commission is removed for each operation. To reduce the percentage of the commission, we need to verify your personal data. To do this, enter the settings section and begin to perform everything point by point.

Perfect Money (PM) account verification

Let's start with the explanation of the term “verification”. Briefly, this means the authentication of the entered personal data.

Perfect Money verificationThat is, the system checks if it is really your wallet and if the details entered during the registration are authentic

Passing this procedure has its advantages:

- Transfer fees are reduced;

- The credibility of your account increases.

The data verification in Perfect Money takes place in several stages

1. You must download the graphic files of the scanned documents (passport or driver's license);

2. You also must provide the scans of the receipts for payment of utility services or bank transfer (with the obligatory indication of the name and address, the registered address in the passport will not be accepted by Perfect Money);

3. Confirm your personal phone number. To do this, you must order a call, and the robot on the phone tells you the code. The numbers are dictated in English.

If the code is entered correctly, the number is confirmed immediately. But if you have made a mistake when entering, then you will have an opportunity to try again only after one day. Verification of user data usually does not take more than 24 hours. But it is possible to increase the verification time on weekends and holidays. If you are afraid to send your personal data in this way, then you can take advantage of additional measures to protect the scanned documents. For example, by putting a watermark.

Perfect Money fees

For each payment system, the developers set their fees for the financial operations. From the cash rates listed below, you can find out the percentage charged for various transfers. And you can easily conclude that the commissions for the users who have undergone the data verification procedure are much more profitable (as mentioned above). Exchange USD / EUR, EUR / USD at the market rate. The transfers within the system for a verified account – 0.5%, for an unverified account - 1.99%.

Having received a general concept of the Perfect Money electronic payment system, let us consider to its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Perfect Money payment system

All the electronic systems which make financial operations have both - good and not so good features. The way how to perceive them, depends only on the user.

Perfect Money reviewThe undoubted advantages include the following features:

- You do not need to pay tax on income for the financial operations;

- Every month, additional income in the amount of 4% per annum from the account balance is received on your balance;

- There is a program of partnership;

- Coverage of various investment programs;

- If you have passed the verification procedure, the fees for transfers is very small;

- A guarantee of security account.

There are also some disadvantages:

- If you have mistakenly transferred money or your account is hacked, as a result of which the money is illegally withdrawn, the money will not be returned to the wallet, regardless of your complaints;

- Cash cannot be withdrawn using plastic cards, such as Visa and MasterCard;

- It is impossible to directly replenish the balance of the wallet.

How can you withdraw the money from your account, and what are the conditions for replenishment? Let us talk about this further.

Perfect Money account replenishment

Money in an electronic account can be entered in several ways. Let us see how the Perfect Money wallet replenishes its balance:

- The most common way, the use of the partner’s "E-currency exchange service". For example, XMLGold (Online Currency Converter which has the highest PerfectMoney Trust Score at the e-currency exchange market). Note, that commissions at different e-currency exchange platforms will not be similar.

- There is also the option - "Perfect Money e-voucher", which is also convenient deposit method.

- "Swift transfer" is not very convenient as it takes more than one day.

- "Bitcoin". This transfer system is suitable for the customers who use cryptocurrency. However, the rate of this electronic currency is constantly changing, therefore, additional difficulties can arise in relation to the transfer.

- And finally, the "Credit exchange". Replenishing the account by using this method is quite inconvenient and unprofitable, therefore we will not discuss it in detail.

Perfect Money withdrawal (cash out)

For any customer, sooner or later, there is a need for cashing electronic money.

Perfect Money cash outHow to do it? Perfect Money offers several options. Withdrawal is carried out by the same methods as account replenishment. What is more convenient for you – choose yourself from the options mentioned above.

The money transfer transaction looks like this:

- U1234575 — the sender's payment account.

- U9876512 — the number of the invoice recipient.

- Name — the account of the person who has sent the payment.

- Batch — the operation number.

Conclusion and recommendations

The Perfect Money payment system has proven itself to be a reliable electronic payment system. It has been working properly since 2007 and has manifested itself to be a good one.

Perfect Money feedbackHowever, storing large amounts of money in the online e-wallet in long term is not very safe. Create several accounts, do not keep all your money in one account. Electronic money is worth saving no less than paper money, as it is the same currency. This is what we would like to advise in conclusion. And the recommendations in this case are quite standard: use the security settings, change the passwords more often and keep them in a safe place accessible only to you.

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Advcash – review of the Advanced cash payment system

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AdvCash - What it is and how it works, we will find out in this review. In the age of modern technology, almost every person working with online payment systems has an idea about electronic wallets. We will begin our brief review on one of the most well-known payment systems – Advanced Cash (Advcash). Although it is still a new system and is only gaining popularity, it can already compete with such giants as, for example, Perfect Money or Payeer. We will give you a brief overview about this payment system.

Advcash - Advanced Cash

This review includes the following topics:

  • 1. Overview and History;

  • 2. AdvCash Cards;

  • 3. AdvCash Referral program;

  • 4. Registration;

  • 5. AdvCash Verification;

  • 6. Rates, balance replenishment and withdrawal of funds;

  • 7. Setting up the safety of the profile;

  • 8. Advantages;

  • 9. Disadvantages;

  • 10. Conclusion.

What is Advcash and how does it work?

Legal Information. Advanced Cash holds licenses from the International Financial Services Commission of Belize to do these types of business:

  • - International Money Transmission Business № IFSC/60/237MT/18

  • - International Payment Processing Services № IFSC/60/237PPS/18

ADV Project Limited: Suite 16, Watergardens 5, Gibraltar GX11 1AA.


For convenience, the users often abbreviate and simplify the name. Such abbreviations as AdvCash, Advanced Cash, ADV, Adv cash and others have become well known. Here is some general information:

  • - The payment system is located on the official website

  • - AdvCash wallet has the address Passing the registration, the new user visits this domain automatically. The fact that you have come to the right place is indicated by the green lock in the address bar. This is a certificate of encryption and data protection, it uses the HTTPS protocol, and therefore, the confidential information of the users is reliably protected.

  • - The interface uses only 2 languages – English and Russian.

The company was registered in 2014. The first day of work is 27 September. The place of birth – the city of Belize, located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. The successfully passed certification allowed obtaining all the necessary licences for work. Being an offshore office, AdvCash is not affected by the laws of other countries, which allows significantly reducing costs, reducing tax and provides anonymity. EPS has branches in many countries of the world, including Russia (the office is located near Samara, in the city of Togliatti). There is also a telephone support line and representational social networks. Here you can always ask your question and receive an adequate and complete answer to it. Advanced Cash supports several types of currencies which can be freely exchanged within your personal account:

  • - Dollars;

  • - Euro;

  • - Pounds sterling;

  • - Hryvnia;

  • - Roubles.

What can you do with Advcash?

- Transfer of funds between users;

- Receiving online payments on your site;

- Payment for goods and online services on the Internet;

- Buying and selling cryptocurrency;

- Receiving additional income from participating in a refferal program;

- Buying electronic products and goods on In this video tutorial you will learn how to buy gift cards with Advcash on the Buysellvouchers marketplace:

Advcash cards

Previously Advcash was famed with its bank cards. For many customers it was the main reason why they chose Advcash payment system. Money withdrawing at ATM by Advcash anonymous MasterCard was a very popular cashout method at e-currency market.

Advcash card

The functionality of the site allowed you to arrange an order for a bank card issue absolutely for free, but only MasterCard. The card was serviced for free, but you had to spend a bit on its manufacturing and delivery. Any ATM of your city accepted it and took a commission, which was 1.99 dollars and did not depend on the amount withdrawn. The client had the opportunity to use not only a plastic card, but also create a virtual card. This service was available in almost all electronic payment systems. It worked as a standard, allowing you to pay for goods and services on the Internet. From February, 2018, unfortunately, for many customers Advcash company temporarily suspended card program. Advanced cash support team is promising to restart Advcash card program in 2019. When exactly it will be time will show.

Advcash affiliate program

There is an affiliate program in AdvCash. It allows you to receive a percentage of the amount of referrals transferred, which provides the account holder with additional income. Your account is credited every time Advcash charge fee from your referrals. You will get up to 20% of that commission from 1st level referrals.

Advcash mobile applications

The site is regularly updated, overgrown with new functionality, and also in future, at a later stage it is planned to release mobile applications for the convenience of managing payments through phones and tablets running on the android and ios platforms.

Concluding the brief review, I would like to note that the recently invented payment system AdvCash has already captured a certain part of the market of electronic payments and does not intend to stop there. So what do we need to work with this EPS?

Advcash - sign up

Naturally, in order to get started, we have to go to the official website of the Advanced Cash wallet. This procedure is very easy to go even for the most inexperienced user.

Advcash sign up

The registration has a specific algorithm. Let us consider it in detail. Going to the main page, we scroll down and see a button to create an account. We click it and go to the next step. On the new tab, we will be asked to fill in our personal data, as well as to select an account type for future use:

  • 1. Business – is often used by legal entities, as it allows for a huge number of operations;

  • 2. Personal – the account is needed if you are a natural person.

After selecting the account, enter the actual information about yourself. Why is it necessary to use real data? Everything is simple – they will be necessary for us for the further verification procedure in AdvCash. The details for the work must be written in English letters. Filling out the form, specify the name, as well as the surname and the actual email address. It will become the login for the access and the number of our wallet AdvCash. Then invent a password with a content of at least eight different characters (letters and numbers of different registers, special characters can also be used). It is better to use a completely disconnected set – this allows the AdvCash payment system to reliably protect your account from hacking. When we fill in the relevant information, we “give the go-ahead” to unlock the button for ending the registration. By holding the slider with the left mouse button, drag it to the opposite position and complete the registration (as shown in the image above). Next, a new page will appear, where you will be offered to go straight to work, or first verify your account and set up a secure profile. If you close this window, it is possible to go immediately to the personal data page. We have the ability to manage three main accounts (rouble, dollar, euro) and two additional (hryvnia and pound sterling). Properly completed registration, even without passing data verification, allows you to easily use all the features of Advanced Cash. But, if you want to transfer money from the card to the balance or cash out a large amount of funds, you will still have to verify your account, plus it will immediately protect you from the most potential incidents of mistrust on the part of the administration.

Advcash - verification

Under the name of the wallet, you can see the inscription “Not verified.” It implies that the owners of the system and its participants do not completely rely on you, which will limit some operations on the account. In order to successfully continue working with the service, we need the verification of the account. Therefore, click on the name located at the top of the window.

Advcash verification

In the opened tab, you need to enter your personal data in the following order:

  • 1. Country;

  • 2. City;

  • 3. Post office index;

  • 4. Home address;

  • 5. Telephone number;

  • 6. Language.

You can still fill in the contact the details of Skype, but this is not necessary. The email box is already listed because it was entered earlier at the time of registration of the wallet. Click the "Save" button and go on. The “Verification” section requires a lot of attention, as it is the information which the AdvCash payment system operator will check. We have three tabs accessible. This is the address, phone number and passport. When you click on each of them, a window opens for loading the document. In order to confirm your identity, click on the icon “Passport”. Here you need to download the scanned graphic document, the size of which must not exceed 800 * 600 pixels. You can use a driver's licence (scan from both sides). Make sure that the drawing is clear, otherwise the check will take longer and it is likely to get rejected. Then go to the window "Address", where they demand from you:

  • - receipt of payment for utility services;

  • - bank statement;

  • - document of payment for Internet or telephony.

There is no need to send all the documents. The main thing – the accuracy of information recognition, as well as an indication of the name and address on the same page. The complete list of the possible documents and requirements for them are specified on the company's website.

Usually the information is checked during the day, excluding holidays and weekends. When the specialist is authenticated, you will receive an email about the wallet verification results. If the fields and forms are filled correctly, you will be provided with additional features of the Advanced Cash payment system, as well as guaranteed account security. If the test fails, the operator will tell you the reason. You just need to fix the error. The telephone is attached very simply: just enter the number, and you will receive a message. It will contain the code that must be entered into the check box. Now the verification of the AdvCash account is completed. By logging into your personal account, you will see a status change near your name. Next, we will deal with the proposed rates, as well as determine how to operate the payment system.

Advcash - rates, balance replenishment and cashout

Each payment service has its own tariff grid of operations. Advanced Cash provides a fairly democratic commission for various transfers, wallet replenishment and withdrawals. Account replenishment is performed by several methods. Enter the page of your account and open the appropriate tab. Then you have to choose the desired amount, the method of payment and indicate in which of the currencies you want to receive it.

Advcash deposit cashout

Balance replenishment is possible by using the following methods:

  • - Ecurrencies;

  • - Cryptocurrencies;

  • - Top up with a bank card;

  • - Payment from a mobile phone;

  • - The use of exchange points. Each such point with which the company cooperates puts forward different conditions.

It is necessary to carefully find out which method is the most beneficial for you, because the percentage taken during the transfer is different. Internal transfers will be available if you go to the tab "Transfer Funds". Further, according to the algorithm, you must select the recipient and approve the operation. Withdrawal is the same as replenishment. Methods for cashing money are specified above, therefore, we will not go into details.

It is very convenient in this case to use the protection code: until the payer enters the code (reported by you personally), he will not receive the right to use the electronic means. If the code has not been used, the money is returned.

Advcash - profile security settings

Now we know a little more about the Advanced Cash electronic payment system. And, to provide pleasant and safe work in it, you must protect your account from various types of fraud.

Advcash security

A standard set of functions will allow it. In order to do this, go to the section in the top menu "Security Settings”.

Advanced Cash supports several ways to protect your e-wallet:

- IP identification. Here you can specify the allowed IP addresses which you consider safe to enter. If the input was made from another place, the security system will prohibit any manipulations;

- The intellectual recognition method. It turns on automatically after registration. If you change any of the settings, Advanced Cached will ask you to enter a pin code of several numbers, which has been sent to an email box tied to your account;

- SMS authorization. It is a standard procedure which includes receiving a message with the necessary code;

- The use of a code card involves obtaining a graphic image containing a set of unique characters. With each transfer of money, you will need to enter the code from the picture. The copy is sent to the email box;

- The password for payment. The user has the opportunity to invent his/her own unique password, which will requested by the EPS for each operation;

- Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). When transferring and receiving large electronic amounts, this method will be the right one. It will reliably protect your wallet, if all funds are stored on the same account.

You can personally choose what level of data security you need. It depends on the volume of the payment transactions and the amount of money in the account. First you need at least a minimum security setting.

Advantages of AdvCash

When using any payment system, there will be some advantages for you, but, at the same time, there will be also some disadvantages.

Advcash advantages

We propose to consider the main advantages and disadvantages of the payment system AdvCash.


  • - Multi-level protection of the wallet;

  • - The opportunity to have passive income (affiliate program);

  • - Transfers within the system without commission;

  • - Issue of your own cards for withdrawal of funds (Temporarily suspended);

  • - Convenient verification by SMS;

  • - Anonymity of the user (offshore);

  • - Low fees;

  • - New features and options added regularly.;

  • - Several ways of depositing and withdrawing funds;

  • - The ability to work with a wallet without verification (although not recommended).

Disadvantages of AdvCash

There are more advantages than disadvantages, but there are some disadvantages as well:

  • - Payment cannot be returned if you make a mistake when entering the recipient's data (except for the cases when the code is used – this is stated above);

  • - Replenishment from the mobile account is subject to a large percentage of the commission;

  • - So far there are no applications for managing the wallet from a smartphone or tablet.

How to buy Advcash?

If you want to buy Advcash fast, secure and with low fee, then you can use XMLGold Online Currency Converter. XMLGold provides on of the best rates for e-currency and cryptocurrency exchange at the market. Quite often XMLGold has special offers with zero fee or even bonuses for currency exchange. Thanks to XMLGold you will be able to buy or sell AdvCash with Sepa Transfer EUR, Perfect Money EUR/USD, Payeer EUR/USD, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), True USD (TUSD), XMLToken etc.

In mostly cases currency exchange will be instant and with low fees. XMLGold is one of the most reliable online e-currency exchange platform, works already more than 12 years (since 2006). Besides low exchange rates XMLGold also offers profitable Referral and Discount programs to its customers. Plus the same like Advcash, XMLGold offers also a Prepaid Card program to its customers. At the moment, unfortunately, Prepaid Card program is temporarily suspended.

Conclusion and feedbacks on AdvCash

Taking into account the relatively recent start of work, Advanced Cash regularly performs all the basic functions of an electronic payment system. Its development goes by leaps and bounds, thanks to the competent developers.

Advcash feedbacks

The experts predict a big future for this system, as the number of clients is growing day after day. This conclusion is quite logical, because the service provides its users with a huge number of opportunities, as well as cares about their security at the highest level. It is enough to talk with a person who has been using this EPS for quite a long time, and he will immediately advise you to register for this system. Concluding the review on the use of Advanced Cash, I would like to make some recommendations which are applied to all payment systems: be sure to set up a secure login, do not keep all your personal funds on one account and be careful when entering passwords, never disclose them to unknown persons.

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Payeer Wallet Review

PAYEER review includes all the most important details about the current e wallet – sign up, login, supported countries, card, security system, deposit, cash out etc.

Payeer wallet review

Is wallet multifunctional, modern and convenient? What possibilities of replenishment and exchange of money within the system does it have? On all these issues, read in the following overview of Payeer!

Payeer review

More about the payment system: PAYEER wallet is an online payment processor offering a simple and cheap way to shop online, payment for services through an electronic currency.This is one of the most popular payment systems among admins of HYIP projects.The company was founded in 2010. There are 3 offices:The headquarters is in Tbilisi, Georgia. The branches are located in Aberdeen, Scotland and Moscow, Russia. offers available and free services which help sellers and buyers to protect themselves without limiting the functionality of using money. It is possible to enter currency into the electronic wallet using different methods. Send, receive and withdraw money in many different ways.

Payeer wallet is in demand among online shops and investment projects. It can be easily added to the popular Hybrid GoldCoders script.HYIP projects prefer this system. It does not require any personal data to be checked, the same like Liberty Reserve in past.Representatives say the accounts are not blocked - sounds good for the HYIP admins.

Payeer Sign up

Sign up on is easy and fast. In order to enter your personal account on the site, you must indicate your:

Payeer sign up

  • - Login,

  • - Password,

  • - E-mail,

  • - Secret word to restore the account.

There are no restrictions for the persons who wish to log in. You can use the Payeer wallet from the moment of registration.

Payeer supported countries

Payeer is available worldwide – more than in 200 countries. All customer need for usage of the Payeer wallet is internet.

Payeer deposit and withdrawal options

This is one of the largest financial processors in the hypes and digital currency markets. To exchange cryptocurrency, you normally must contact the intermediaries.

Payeer deposit and withdrawal

Payeer wallet allows doing the same within the system. It is possible to deposit and withdraw money with: Visa Qiwi Wallet, AdvCash, Yandex Money, Perfect Money, Solid TrustPay, Skrill, Bitcoin, Neteller, Wire, ePayments, Webmoney, MoneyGram, FasaPay and in other ways. The platform has integrated 150 payment systems, which can help to find the suitable one.

Payeer Fees

Fees are the same for the verified and the unverified users. Current rates:

  • - International money transfer: free of charge;

  • - Currency exchange: 2% of the amount of exchange, regardless of currency type;

  • - Replenishment: free of charge;

  • - Output: from 0% to 5%;

  • - Notifications by SMS: $ 0.05 per notification;

  • - Password recovery: usually free;$ 50 if the account password is automatically restored;

  • - Transfers between the accounts are free of charge;

  • - The system takes 0.95% of the payment received (if HYIP uses the API).

Bulk payments / API

Payment service allows you to arrange automatic payments on the site and transfer the money from your account to customers through integration with the API.

Payeer referral program

Payeer Wallet offers a six-step referral system which helps you to make money by attracting other people to create their own cabinets.

Payeer referral program

For example: If you place a personal banner or an affiliate link on a website, blog or any other place. It will be possible to receive 10% from referral commissions if the turnover of the structure is in the range of up to 100.00 dollars, transactions after the barrier at 100.00 $ will bring 11% already! People with their own website can earn up to 40% of their commissions by exchanging currency. Not many online payment systems have a similar referral program. The bonus will not be great if referrals go away. This is a simple way to earn extra money without doing a lot of work. All you have to do is to inform about Payeer. When people find out about the opportunities offered, they will surely become your partners. Make sure your customers click on your ref link to register.

Customer support

The Payeer support team works around the clock. The only way to contact it is by email.The official website has a special form, which should be filled.The company answers questions within 24 hours.


The financial platform offers significantly more opportunities than many other competitors. The usefulness of the payment functions depends on the plans to use the account.

Payeer Benefits

After all, the business which uses the Payeer wallet in order to process online payments depends greatly on the needs of the person paying for the goods on the Internet.

The list of useful features:

  • - Zero or low commission;

  • - Sending payments to any place in the world;

  • - A wide range of money deposit and withdrawal methods;

  • - Instant and flexible transactions between HYIP-programs;

  • - Mass payments, making it easy to send money and process transactions;

  • - Exchange service;International SWIFT transfers;

  • - Deposit funds through SWIFT and credit cards;

  • - Automatic transfers to banks (bank cards);

  • - Simple registration (you need only email address);

  • - High level of protection (IP security, SMS security);

  • - Virtual cards (as a replacement for real cards)Multicurrency accounts;

  • - Instant transfer of funds;

  • - Affiliate program;

  • - The account is not frozen;

  • - IOS app.


- Large withdrawal fee.

Payeer – Buy, Sell or Exchange

If you want to exchange Payeer instantly and with low fees, then XMLGold Online Currency Converter can be a useful tool for you. On XMLGold, you will be able to convert Payeer in many different currencies like, Sepa Transfer EUR, Perfect Money EUR/USD, USD Coin (USDC), Advcash EUR/USD, True USD (TUSD), Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), Litecoin (LTC), Perfect Money Voucher EUR/USD, XMLToken EUR/GBP/USD etc.

In mostly cases currency exchange will be instant and with low fees. XMLGold is one of the most reliable online currency exchange platform, works already more than 12 years (since 2006).


At present, there are so many payment processors now that it is not easy for traders and consumers to decide which one is the best. Having multiple payment processors makes it difficult to select the best for merchants and consumers.

Payeer feedbacks

Payeer wallet is one of the best options between online e-currency e-wallets. It offers freedom and security. If you are looking for a new payment processor, in this case, it is advisable to test Payeer wallet and login your personal account to learn more about its capabilities. Payeer wallet can be useful for you, especially if you are managing an online store. This is a great way for consumers to buy goods without trouble and limitations. If you get tired of the platform used for online settlements, take a closer look at this payment system.

Buy Payeer with Sepa

USD Coin (USDC) cryptocurrency review: price, security, storing, fees

The USD Coin is one of the cryptocurrencies available on the XMLGold e-currency exchange platform, in this article you will learn more about this stable coin.

Exchange USD Coin to Perfect Money

Even a few hours in the market may have a tremendous effect on the price of a cryptocurrency, much alone a few days and weeks.

In such a scenario, a solution is needed that allows currency prices to remain stable while still enabling customers to take advantage of decentralized payment options.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at one stable coin developed by the CENTRE consortium, which includes Coinbase and Circle: USD Coin (USDC).

What is USD Coin?

It is a relatively new stable coin, USD Coin (USDC), which ties to the US dollar. On September 26, 2018, Circle and Coinbase collaborated to launch it. USDC is a substitute to Tether (USDT) or TrueUSD (USDT), which are both USD-backed cryptocurrencies (TUSD).

What is USD Coin?

All in all, a service to tokenize and enable the usage of US dollars via the internet and public blockchains is provided by USD Coin. In addition, USDC tokens may exchange for USD at any moment. The ERC-20 smart contract ensures that USDC tokens may be issued and redeemed.

Putting US dollars on the blockchain makes it possible to move them across the globe in a matter of minutes, bringing much-needed stability to the cryptocurrency industry. Also, it creates new avenues for trading, lending, risk-hedging, and more.

Who is the team behind USD Coin?

The Centre consortium, cooperation between Circle and Coinbase, is behind the development of USD Coin. As for USDC's first commercial issuers, Coinbase and Circle have built the technology and regulatory framework.

The circle was formed in 2013 by Sean Neville and Jeremy Allaire, both of whom are successful entrepreneurs.

Because Circle is an authorized Money Transmitter, its financial records are public. Licensed money service firms in the United States are called money transmitters and must adhere to federal rules and regulations.

Before the issue of USDC, Circle's certified partners have the corresponding amount of USD. Because of this, all USDC coins govern by regulations, are transparent, and can be verified. The circle is also known as the Goldman Sachs-backed cryptocurrency business.

What are the benefits of USD Coin?

USDC has a few distinguishing characteristics. These features make the USDC a popular option for cryptocurrency purchasers, particularly newbies.

1. Easily transferable:

It doesn't matter what time of day or night, two parties with an Ethereum wallet may exchange USDC in a couple of seconds.

Even if someone has to transfer an enormous sum to an overseas supplier, the money will be received by the provider in a matter of seconds, making the transaction as simple as making an online purchase.

USD Coin benefits

ACH or wire transfers, on the other hand, may take anywhere from one to three days.

As long as USDC stays constant, currency price volatility eliminates. There is a high cost associated with sending money overseas.

The Ethereum gas charge is the sole cost associated with USDC. In addition, the cost fixes, making it an especially appealing option for big payments.

2. Compatibility with dApps:

dApps, blockchain-based games, and cryptocurrency exchanges have all seen rapid growth in the last few years. Tokens based on the ERC-20 standard, such as USDC, may be used in any program.

You may acquire a broad variety of products in the crypto-verse, such as digital artwork using this method.

Depositing USDC into sites like Compound might potentially result in a better interest rate than one would get from a traditional bank. As a result, they're a better investment than keeping cash in a bank.

3. Transparency and Security:

The USDC is issued by Circle, a member of the Center Consortium. For the USDC initiative, it has teamed up with Coinbase.

Grant Thornton LLP also does an audit of the transactions. One of the most recognized firms and a major accounting company involve in ensuring that the business is operating by the law.

If you're using a private wallet, USDC is a safer option than keeping cash in a bank. Login credentials, such as those for PayPal or online banking, may readily be obtained by a third party.

Passwords are hashed on the server. Once they get access to this hash, a hacker may run password cracking tools on it, gaining access to the password. It implies that a hacker can only get access to a user's USDC account if they get their hands on the user's computer's private key.

It's unlikely that anyone's home computer will hack unless they're a well-known, high-volume cryptocurrency trader.

4. Stability:

All Stablecoins have this feature in common. Stablecoins appeal to some investors because they enable them to participate in the cryptocurrency market without worrying about the risk of large price swings.

As an example, consider comparing the price movements of USDC and BTC over the last year.

The chart's pattern reveals the difference in the risk-to-reward ratio.

The value of USDC doesn't vary like BTC or ETH since it's linked 1:1 to the dollar. Grant Thornton certifies the company's reserves weekly, so investors don't have to worry about the company's transparency.

5. A viable alternative to Tether (USDT):

Tether's quality of collateral has been called into doubt in the past, hence USDC is a better option. As long as investors can get a decent night's sleep, they should continue with USDC.

Since risk aversion is the primary reason for an investor to acquire a Stablecoin, why not?

On top of that, Voyager pays a hefty 9% interest on USDC, while Tether bears no interest charges at all. It serves to strengthen USDC's hand.

Where to use USD Coin?

USD Coin (USDC) is a digital representation of one US dollar that exists on the Ethereum network in a 1:1 ratio. Tokens may be utilised on this app if the app is compliant with the ERC-20 token standard, which is currently in use.

Where to use USD coin?

Registering for an account, verifying your identification (KYC), and linking a legal bank account are all prerequisites for using Circle's USDC tokenization and redemption services. Users of the Circle USD platform may execute four primary functions:

• You might tokenize the US dollar.

• Exchange USDC for cash.

• Send USDC to an Ethereum address that is ERC20 compliant.

• Deposit USDC using external Ethereum wallets.

For tokenizing and redeeming services, Circle USDC does not charge customers any fees, save for a $50 cost for inaccurate and rejected bank transactions. All of Coinbase's usual fees apply to USDC transactions.

The smallest quantity of USDC that may redeem is 100 USDC. On business days, tokens process and it may take up to 24 hours.

There is no minimum quantity of tokenization, and the process may take up to two business days to complete.

Stablecoins such as USDC are often used to:

• Make it simpler to purchase cryptocurrencies in the future by shorting cryptocurrencies without cashing out.

• Avoid the use of conventional financial tools and institutions.

• For residents in nations like Venezuela or Turkey, hyperinflation is a major concern.

• Send money quickly, securely, and affordably over the world;

• You may buy products in numerous crypto apps, exchanges, and blockchain-based gaming platforms.

Exchange USD Coin at the best rate on XMLGold

XMLGold was developed in 2006 to facilitate currency trading. You may acquire the best cryptocurrency and e-currency available on the market fromXMLGold, which has improved over time.

The information provided here might help a trader or investor looking for the best market pricing for something similar.

Xmlgold e-currency and cryptocurrency exchange

XMLGold offers direct buying of many cryptocurrencies using the aforementioned payment options. Stablecoins like USDT, TUSD, and USD Coin may all purchase using XMLGold at this time, in addition to Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and other cryptocurrencies.

XMLGold is a fantastic option because of the following reasons:

1. XMLGold's total exchange speed is exceptionally rapid, which is a huge benefit. That's a huge benefit since it provides an incredible sense of immersion and consistently produces top-notch outcomes.

XMLGold has been around for so long because you can get your hands on the things you need anytime you want.

2. In part, XMLGold's success may attribute to the company's dedication to providing an excellent customer service experience. XMLGold put forth a lot of effort to provide the best possible results and outcomes to their clients.

3. The XMLGold referral program is fantastic and full of surprises. To gain money, you may use the referral system here, which is rather excellent. In reality, you're receiving 10% of the money, which is a fantastic deal.

4. All transactions at XMLGold are protected by 256-bit SSL encryption to guarantee that nothing goes awry, which is always crucial to keep in mind when dealing with an issue such as this.

5. Bonuses of up to 3.5 percent are possible depending on the sort of trade or transaction you make. It may be beneficial, it produces excellent outcomes, and it is well worth the effort every time.

Pros and Cons


1. Native ERC20:

USDC is a native ERC20 token, which means it can only be found and used on the Ethereum network. As a consequence, the current supply and transactions can be verified by anybody. Several different types of personal cryptocurrency wallets are compatible with USDC.

USDC benefits

2. Coinbase featured stablecoin:

For the time being, Coinbase's featured stablecoin is USDC, which ensures a 1:1 exchange rate (USDC: USD). Users may withdraw USDC to their bank accounts with ease.

3. Liquidity:

This stablecoin is traded on a majority of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and is the second most liquid stablecoin after USDT.

4. Monthly audits:

To verify that USDC is backed 1:1 by US Dollars in segregated bank accounts, Grant Thornton, an accounting company, conducts monthly audits.

5. Regulated & Compliant:

Licensed by the NYDFS (New York State Department of Financial Services), Circle, Ltd. is completely regulated and compliant to do business in the United States. In terms of financial regulation, the NYDFS is the harshest in the country.

6. Strong institutional backing:

Circle, Ltd. has received many rounds of venture money and is highly well-funded for its activities.


1. Centralized:

Circle, Ltd. mints, maintains, and operates the USDC in a centralized manner. In circumstances where a user is found to have breached regulatory regulations or behaved in an unlawful capacity with the asset, centralized stablecoins may be frozen or seized.

2. Purchase & Redemption KYC:

To redeem USDC for fiat currency, Circle, Ltd. requires that customers undertake KYC and furnish Circle, Ltd. with proof of their identification. For privacy-conscious consumers, this is nothing more than usual protocol.


There are two key reasons why traditional investors are cautious about cryptocurrencies: the absence of regulation and the volatility of the market.

Stablecoins like USDC, among others, are attempting to alter this, enabling established institutions to engage in the cryptocurrency market.

Since USDC transactions are compliant with the United States remittance regulations, USDC expects to grow steadily in the future. The USDC has also proved to be a popular currency among investors in recent years.

There has been a considerable rise of stablecoins over the last few years since the market has seen tremendous volatility in big cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Stablecoins like USDC, on the other hand, are supposed to be impervious to such swings in value.

As a result, USDC will continue to be listed on many exchanges in the years to come, including Luno, one of the most popular and user-friendly exchanges.

Exchange USD Coin to Perfect Money

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