The company Microsoft will establish a blockchain infrastructure with Digital China and Hot Cool in Taiwan

The company Microsoft will create a blockchain infrastructure with Digital China and Hot Cool in Taiwan for financial, e-commerce and entertainment spheres.

Azure Blockchain Workbench

Sun Jikang, CEO of Microsoft Taiwan, has pointed out that Taiwan has not only good conditions for implementing blockchain solutions applications, but also has a large number of professionals who are ready to work in this industry. Microsoft itself also has an interest in integrating into the market of this region.

Three companies will develop blockchain solutions based on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Blockchain Workbench. Digital China will provide computing power and ensure the security of blockchain projects. Hot Cool, in turn, will provide cloud management services as well as it will be an intermediary between the corporate and public cloud vendors. The joint work of the three companies should accelerate the process of creating a blockchain infrastructure.

The company Microsoft presented Azure Blockchain Workbench in May this year. It is a startup tool package for rapid development of blockchain application infrastructure.

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