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In this review, you will find out how to buy bitcoins with SEPA Transfer on Online Currency Converter - XMLGold and much more!

Online currency converter

For a long time, you have been looking for the exchanger, who would have an exclusive design, and besides, who would be able to provide its users with the opportunity to exchange fiat currencies for digital ones at favourable rates and with minimal commissions? Online Currency Converter - XMLGold will perform perfectly this task. Fast and secure exchange, high-quality support service, and favourable rates are a brief description of this exchange point. For the users of XMLGold conducts various promotions which will help you get the most favourable conditions for the exchange. Especially, for large customers there are unique conditions for the exchange. Another thing worth noting is the amount for the minimum and maximum exchanges, which are at an acceptable level.

When working or investing on the Internet, users often need to convert e-currencies. For this it is possible to use various digital currency exchangers. When converting money, speed and reliability are important factors. These conditions can provide XMLGold. Let us see how it differs from its competitors on the internet.

Review of XMLGold - quick and favourable way of exchange - Online Currency Converter (It means that with the help of this service, you can change one electronic currency to another), which started operating in 2006. The service provides a large number of exchange directions, a minimum commission and operational support of managers. Therefore, it is very convenient to transfer money from electronic payment systems to bank account with a minimum commission.

Online currency exchange

Exchanging money, traditional or digital, we always want to perform the operation quickly and at a favourable rate. In the case of cryptocurrency, the third important element in the exchange chain is security. The user trusts his funds to a particular exchange office and is forced to rely on its honesty. But not all online exchangers operate fairly and transparently. Therefore, when it comes to the exchange of electronic money, it is better not to experiment with platforms, but to work with reliable sites with an impeccable history and an excellent reputation in the community. XMLGold Online Currency Converter carries out the exchange of popular e-currencies and Bitcoin quickly, safely and profitably. With the help of XMLGold, thousands of users have performed more than 1 000 000 successful exchanges, and the creators of the service do not plan to slow down the pace, constantly improving the technological base of the exchanger and expanding its functionality.

On XMLGold it is possible to convert the currency of the following payment systems:

AdvCash EUR/USD, Perfect Money EUR/USD, Payeer EUR/USD, Epay EUR/USD, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), Ex-code or Exmo Voucher EUR/USD, Perfect Money Voucher EUR/USD, Wex Voucher EUR/USD, C-CEX Voucher USD, Ecoin code USD, Wire Transfer EUR/GBP/USD, XMLToken EUR/GBP/USD, Cash EUR, SEPA Transfer EUR etc.

Let us get a look in what way it is different from its competitors in the network.

XMLGold online currency converter features and advantages

XMLGold has a number of features which make it an irreplaceable assistant for an investor or freelancer.

online currency converter benefits

The exchange platform is distinguished by:

  • - Interface with support of 10 languages;
  • - Reliable since 2006;
  • - Profitable Referral Program;
  • - Progressive Discount System;
  • - Exchange bonuses (up to 3.5%);
  • - 5000+ reviews from the satisfied customers with average 4.75 star rating (5 stars);
  • - XMLGold has the highest Perfect Money Trust score (TS 9894) between digital currency exchangers at world leading e-currency monitoring site –
  • - Possibility to work without registration and verification;
  • - All transactions are protected by SSL 256-bit encryption;
  • - Online consultant;
  • - Protecting Your Account with Multifactor Authentication;
  • - Partnership with Perfect Money and Advanced Cash (Advcash);
  • - Prepaid Card (temporally unavailable, we hope soon it will be back);
  • - The site contains a large number of electronic currencies. There is the possibility of exchanging cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether);
  • - Convenient personal account;
  • - Exchanger works all over the world;
  • - Large reserves of currencies;
  • - Exchange of electronic money in the most popular directions;
  • - SEPA Transfer, Bank Wire;
  • - Bitcoin (BTC) exchange at favourable rates;
  • - The site contains page which are filled with positive comments and feedback;
  • - A lot of positive feedback on BestChange, KursExpert, Okchanger and other popular Monitoring websites of exchangers.

Availability of reserves and exchange speed

On the main page of the service, there is information about the reserves of each payment system. Before conversion, the user can make sure if these funds will be sufficient for currency exchange. There is no need to wait until the exchanger replenishes the account to fulfil the client's application. XMLGold Online Currency has solved this problem forever for its users. You can also always use the option: Extend Reserve or Buy/Sell more. Support will find necessary reserves, funds for you as soon as possible.

online money transfer

Are you searching for fast exchange service and transactions? An urgent need to convert currency? To do this quickly, just go to the XMLGold Online Currency Converter, choose the necessary exchange direction and amount. A couple of mouse clicks and the application will be sent to the manager for its processing. When converting funds at a high exchange rate, the user loses enormous amounts of money. Constant monitoring of the offers of other services allows XMLGold Online Currency Converter to offer money exchange at the one of the most favourable rates.

How does XMLGold currency exchange service work

You can perform exchange operations on XMLGold without registration. But remember that the registered users have access to the broader functionality of the exchanger: they can take part in the XMLGold Affiliate Program, as well as receive additional discounts and bonuses under the Discount Program. Bitcoin exchange operations take place after receiving 3 confirmations from the system, which is verified through The exchange request shall be paid within 30 minutes, then it closes. Payment time depends on the wallet/account: for e-wallets Perfect Money, PAYEER, Advanced Cash (Advcash) – instantly, for SEPA payment - from 1h to 24h, provided that they function normally. Bank Transfer - from 2 to 5 days. When operating with interruptions (the payment may be delayed by the bank).

Exchange operations on XMLGold: Step by step instructions

The Online Currency Converter XMLGold operates in a simple and fast manner. See for yourself using the example of exchanging PerfectMoney USD to AdvCash USD. The exchange in this direction takes place in automatic mode.

tutorial - exchange perfect money for advcash

  • 1. Indicate the direction of the exchange: the currency which you are going to exchange, and the one you want to receive;
  • 2. The system immediately indicates the exchange rate, as well as the minimum and maximum amount in this direction;
  • 3. In the column “Give/Sell”, enter the amount for the exchange, in “Get/Buy” - displays the amount of currency you receive, taking into account the commission of the selected payment systems.
  • 4. Next, enter e-wallets data: fill in the fields Pay from this account /Deposit to this account.
  • 5. Specify email, agree to the terms and conditions of the service after reading them click button “Continue”.

Receipt of funds on request will take place within 5 minutes after successful payment. For the completing payment application 30 minutes are given, after which it closes.

How to buy Bitcoin with SEPA transfer?

In order to buy Bitcoin using SEPA Transfer follow the following instructions:

  • 1. In the exchange form in the window “Sell”, select SEPA Transfer EUR from the list of available currencies.
  • 2. In the column “Buy”, select Bitcoin (BTC).
  • 3. Enter the SEPA payment amount and you will automatically see the amount you receive in Bitcoin (BTC), taking into account the commission.
  • 4. Fill in all the required data and click on Continue.

After performing these activities, you will be redirected to the page with details. Payment shall be made within 30 minutes from the date of application. SEPA Transfer usually takes from 1h to 24 hours.

buy cryptocurrency with sepa

You can leave the received bitcoins in the stock exchange to save or carry out trade in crypto pairs. But, if you wish to keep your bitcoins in another place, you can transfer them to another resource.

Before you start buying digital coins you shall obtain a special wallet to save cryptocurrencies. This role can be performed by the specialized cryptocurrency trading sites. In our opinion, the one of most reliable online cryptocurrency wallet is You can find out a more detailed information about it on the internet as there is a lot of it and there are even articles from the major cryptocurrency news websites such as,, blockonomi, etc.

By this example, we showed you how to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by SEPA. By using XMLGold Online Currency Converter, you can convert into cryptocurrencies not only SEPA, but also: Perfect Money, AdvCash, Payeer, Epay and other digital currencies.

If with the help of this instruction, you could not buy Bitcoin, then send us an email and we will help you.

XMLGold Referral Program

The conditions of the Affiliate program are simple: you must register on the site of the exchanger and attract other users to the service, receiving accruals for the exchanges they have made.

affiliate program

How does the XMLGold referral program work?

  • - The user who came by your referral link registers on the site;
  • - For each exchange performed by him, you get a reward;
  • - The award is 10% of the net profit of the XMLGold.

All the required links and detailed explanations of the program are available in your account in the Affiliate Program section. On your referrals section you can track: how many users have registered through your link, what amount each registered user has brought to you and for which operations, how much money you have earned and how much have been withdrawn to your account.

Important!!! You cannot invite yourself by referral link: the system will calculate and delete your accounts without explaining the reasons and the possibility of recovery. It is also forbidden to use Google Adwords and YandexDirect, to engage in spam.

All registered users can participate in the referral program: from regular users to site administrators. And in case you are the owner of the site or monitoring, you can become an XMLGold partner.

Feedbacks and reviews on XMLGold Online Currency Converter

XMLGold Online Currency Converter has been operating since 2006 and during this time it has managed to gain the trust of customers. Thanks to XMLGold, thousands of users have performed more than 1 000 000 successful transactions. The exchanger is distinguished by favourable rates, a wide range of payment systems and quick processing of transactions. To ensure high quality of these operations, just go to the official site and perform a currency exchange in any of the presented directions.

The service has a separate page with customer reviews. The XMLGold has an impeccable reputation in the market. XMLGold is presented on the leading monitoring sites by the exchangers: BestChange, KursExpert, Kurses, OKchanger, and so on. On the internet, you can find many positive reviews about the work of XMLGold.

online currency converter feedback

The users emphasize the efficiency of the service, a concise and intuitive interface and a convenient workspace. The exchanger supports the most popular e-currencies, cryptocurrencies, bank transfers and allows you to perform operations in a few minutes. At the same time, offering the possibility of additional earnings in the framework of the Affiliate Program and the progressive Discount System.

Profitable, fast and secure! XMLGold Online Currency Converter offers its customers exactly what they need!

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